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18 Tips To Get Slimmer, Lighter, Younger and Enchanter

All the rules that must be followed if your body is to be slim, Light, Young and enchanted. Given below

Wear Fit Dress

Looser or tighter dress/blouse makes you looks bigger at glance. If you have over weight, just wear fit dress to keep you staying slim and younger.

Consider The Length of Your Skirt

Considering the length of your skirt is also important. If you have big foot, it is better to choose longer skirt. If you like to wear trouser, do not wear too tight one. You have to feel comfortable while sitting with it.

Wear Dark Color

Besides black and dark blue, you may try dark green, plum or begrime color (dark purple). It will be much nicer to combine it with light color of scarf to make your clothe shining.

One Color Clothing

Monochromatic or one color clothing creates continuous vertical line which makes you looks higher and slimmer. You may choose various colors with different motive.

Control Your Proportion

If you have pier shaped body, you may wear jacket or coat with shoulder cushion. Do not insist your waist and wear V collar shaped.

Avoid Tight Belt

Never wear tight belt with light color if you have already had slim and proportional waist. It will make your up and down part of body looks bigger. On the other hand,, if you do not have shaped waist, belt helps you to looks more proportional.

Avoid Down Shoulder Model

It is better to avoid clothe with Down Shoulder model because It will make you looks shorter and fatter.

Do not be Fashion Victim

You do not have to follow the up to date fashion to get more beautiful if it is not suitable for you. You just need to wear clothes that you like and it makes you comfortable.

Choose the Most Suitable Color and Model

You know yourself. So, wear clothe or suit which is suitable to your body shape and keep it going.

Do not Wear Stiff and Thick Clothe 

Stiff and thick clothe make you looks stiffer and bigger of course.

Long Blouse / Dress with Mini Skirt or Pipe Trouser 

Narrow appearance divides your body into 3 parts and creates longer line. It is also very nice to wear short dress with long skirt or full trouser. Do not combine jacket with long skirt. Longer skirt must be paired of shorter dress. But, shorter dress will still be nice to see with short skirt.

Long Sleeve or Cuff

Some clothes with long sleeve, especially cuff usually looks slimmer than short sleeve.

Small & Simple Belt

Small and simple suitable to your skirt or trouser makes you slimmer. You may wear belt over your blouse, jacket, or cardigan to insist your waist and to keep you staying slim.

Print Motive

Print motive, lines or flowers give slim effect to your appearance. People will focus on your motive than your size of body. But just be careful of too wide and too large motive.

Tunic Dress and Pipe Trouser

You have to choose tunic material which is not stick on your body. Flat or pipe trouser create slim appearance. Geometric motive give illusionary effect, while diagonal give shaped effect.

Choose some Proportional Accessories, Hand Bag, and Shoes 

You may add some accessories, Hand Bag, and Shoes to complete your performance, but it should be proportional with your body. Small accessories for example will make you bigger if you have over weight. Do not wear big bag if you have big waist. You may shorten the rope or replace it with hand bag.

Use Scarf to Lighten Your Clothe

Besides lightening your clothes, scarf also catches attention to your face, especially for fat woman. Long necklace and scarf can create vertical line and makes you looks slimmer. It is better to avoid long and wide scarf put on your neck.

Avoid Choker  

Choker will make your neck looks short and create horizontal effect. It is more suitable to wear long necklace and long pearl to make you more beautiful

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