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4 Signs That You Need Medical Attention For Your Sprain Or Strain

A sprain and strain are similar injuries resulting from overstretching or tearing ligaments and muscles. The difference is that a sprain affects joints, while a strain affects muscle groups. As such, sprains and strains share some of the same symptoms, including swelling and bruising, pain and tenderness to touch, and decreased mobility. Although most strains and sprains do not have any severe implications, some forms may require treatment by a specialist in sprains and strains in New York due to the extent of damage you have sustained. Here are some signs that you need to see a specialist for a sprain or strain.

1. Constant Pain

A sprain and strain will usually hurt badly when you try to move the injured area, but this should subside as you have a little time to recover from the initial injury.

If your pain increases over time or stays present even after a night’s rest, it is a sign that maybe you did something wrong during recovery, such as not resting your body long enough after the initial injury. This is when you should seek a specialist and bring this up with them to help you in your recovery process.

3. Difficulty Using The Affected Area

Not using the injured area is usually a sign that something has gone wrong during recovery, such as not resting it enough or not using appropriate recovery methods.

When you try to use the injured area, and it is painful, stiff, swollen, or weak, this might be a sign that you need to call a specialist and discuss the issue with them to help get your injury back under control before more damage is done.

3. Inability To Weight Bear

If you are having trouble putting weight on the injured area, you need to either work with a specialist to get your injury back under control or call an ambulance and go straight to an emergency room.

Not putting any weight on the injured area is a sign that something bad has happened and internal damage may be present. This means that if you do not get help soon, you run the risk of your injury becoming permanent.

4. You Have Muscle Spasms or Cramps

Muscle spasms or cramps are not always a sign that something has gone wrong with your injury’s recovery process, but they are more likely to occur if you have had an injury for some time.

If you have muscle spasms or cramps without any direct impact on the injured area, this is probably a nerve problem and not a sprain or strain issue. However, if the muscles start to spasm and cramp while using the injured area, this is a sign of a bigger problem.

If your muscle starts twitching when you try to move the injured area, make sure that you call for medical help right away because these sorts of issues usually mean that you are putting too much strain on the injured tissue, and it is dying off.

In summary, sprains and strains can be severe injuries that take time to heal. The best way to ensure that you get the proper treatment for your injury is to see a qualified specialist in sprains and strains.

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