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5 Home Care Tips for Lips Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are among the most popular cosmetic treatments in Houston, TX. They offer numerous benefits to patients, including plumping up the lips. If you wish to improve the volume of your lips and rejuvenate your smile and overall appearance, the Houston fillers specialists can help you. The treatment is straightforward, but it is natural to experience some degree of swelling that should not be noticeable to others and should be down as soon as possible. Your provider will send you home with special care instructions after your injection to help your lip heal faster and elevate the swelling. See here some of the details of your aftercare.

Apply Ice

Icing your lips for around five to ten minutes can help minimize lip injections’ swelling. However, you must talk to your doctor if you often experience cold sores during your consultation appointment to skip this remedy. However, if you have no problem with a cold, you will wrap an ice pack in a towel and compress it to your lips, holding it for about ten minutes for three sessions a day or as your doctor shall advise you. Remember to take about a 30-minute break after every session.

Skip Exercising for About 24 Hours

If you have an exercise routine, you will have to adjust slightly after lip injections. You will want to minimize the amount of blood flowing to your lips, and taking it easy on your exercises can help. Easy activities like walking can help you stay fit for the day but do not do anything that can increase your heart rate or make you sweat. Remember that the injected filler will be absorbing water from your tissues while acclimating to your facial muscles. Exercising can speed up this process, increasing the odds of bruising and long-term swelling.

No Pursing

It would help if you avoided anything making you purse your lips for about 24 hours after your injection. Therefore, avoid sucking on straws or kissing to help your injection sip properly on the lips. Causing misshapen or jostling to your injection is the last thing you want since it can cause the swelling to last longer. Therefore, ensure you relax your lips anytime you speak, drink or eat. This means skipping smoking, using straws, taking kissy face selfies, or whistling.

Avoid Excessive Heat for about 48 Hours

Heat increases your blood flow and can exacerbate swelling after lip injection. That is why you must keep off hot showers, hot tubs, hot yoga, saunas, and steam rooms for about two days after your injection. But you can relax in a warm or lukewarm shower or tub. If it is hot outside, you better spend your time indoors for the next two days and ensure you have good air conditioning.

No Rubbing Your Lips

Keep your hands off your lips about two days after the lip injection. No matter the temptation to touch and massage or rub your lip, you better learn to overcome it. Otherwise, you will make the filler shift or migrate before it is fully settled. But your doctor can rub or massage your lips if they notice lump development a few days after your injection. That is why it is necessary to schedule follow-up appointments. Be gentle when washing your face or even when applying a lip balm.

If you think you need dermal fillers for your lips, contact the specialists at The Elite Wellness Resort for more information. You can schedule your consultation appointment by making a call or online to get started.

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