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5 Myths Of Food and Facts Everyone Must Know

Some of this perception has been believed by our community without certain reason. These are some myths of food and the fact.

Potato is Fatty Food

Many people assume that potato is fatty food which is able to increase body weight. Fact shows that food increasing body weight is high calorie food consumption and the food process itself. Basically, potato contains good ingredient, but people have wrong food process. When people fry it or add butter on it, it will become high calorie food.

Drink Water Before Eating

Some people may think that drink water before eating can reduce appetite for food. This myth can be true or not. Water as a form of juice or soup can be categorized as water anymore, but it is liquid food. So, when people consume this liquid food, they will feel more satisfied.

It is suggested recognizing hungry and thirsty. When you feel hungry and want to eat food, you can try to drink a glass of water first and wait for a moment. If you still feel hungry, it means that you are really hungry.

Seafood is High Cholesterol Food

It is true that cholesterol amount containing in shell, crab, and shrimp is high. 85 gram of shrimp has twice much more cholesterol amount than what body needs. However, sea food like fish contains omega 3 which is good for health. So, it is better to control shrimp and shell amount to prevent the risk of hearth attack up to 59 %.

Get Bigger after Menopause

As getting older and after menopause time, body composition will change. So, fat mass is higher than non fat mass. Moreover, women usually reduce their activity after menopause time. It is better to always keep doing exercise after menopause time.

Soda diet is Good

It is allowed to consume soda as long as you can control the amount. The best alternative is mineral water, juice, and green tea. Soda is not suggested for health.

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