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5 Reasons To Get STD Testing

The statistics around STDs in the US are nothing short of alarming. For starters, one in two persons will acquire an STD by 25 years, and over 20 million new STD diagnoses are recorded annually. At Karen F. Brodman, MD, PLLC, the expert staff affirms that knowledge, prevention, and screening are essential for managing these potentially dangerous illnesses. To help spread the word, here are five compelling reasons why you should incorporate regular Upper West Side STD testing into your healthcare plan.

1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

While most STDs are curable, prevention is always better. However, this is only possible if you know what STD you have. By obtaining an STD test, you can protect yourself.

Likewise, it’s important to get tested if you experience signs of an STD, such as burning when urinating, itching or redness around the genital area, or an unusual sore. If an STD is not the cause of your problems, your doctor will help you determine what else is amiss to fix the issue.

2. Erase Doubt

Whether you’ve stayed with the same partner for a decade or constantly meeting new people, the fear of contracting an STD is always there. Once you develop signs of an STD, your anxiety may consume your everyday life.

Having an STD test helps to relieve anxiety. Recognizing what you’re dealing with in this situation is far less terrifying than the fear of the unknown. Besides, most STDs are curable, and you may stop worrying after receiving treatment. For incurable STDs, you’ll be grateful that you detected the problem early.

3. To Safeguard Oneself And One’s Partners

If everyone undergoes an STD test before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner, the likelihood of STD transmission can drastically reduce. Sadly, that’s not the way it is.

Nonetheless, you may safeguard yourself and your partner by undergoing an STD test if you believe something is amiss. If your findings are positive, you could notify your partner so that they could also undergo testing. If not, you understand it’s safe to keep having sexual relations.

4. STD Testing is Quick and Convenient

Typically, STD testing is a quick procedure somewhat simpler than most medical exams. For instance, with a urine sample, your doctor can perform several tests. Occasionally though, your doctor will request you submit a blood sample, general swab, or oral swab.

However, the procedure is quite straightforward and doesn’t take long. You can undergo STD testing at Karen F. Brodman, MD, PLLC, without disrupting your everyday routine.

5. Most STDs are Curable

Most people avoid getting tested because they fear what the findings will reveal. Unfortunately, this approach is inappropriate.

By detecting an STD soon enough, you may begin treatment while the illness is at its most vulnerable. Simply put, early therapy increases the odds of STD treatment success (if it’s curable).

Most STDs, including syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomonas, and chlamydia, are treatable with antibiotics. On the other hand, infections like HIV and herpes are viral. Although antibiotics aren’t effective in treating these conditions, your doctor can prescribe drugs to manage your symptoms.

The baseline is that STD testing offers a valuable sense of calm and the ability to take charge of your sexual health and avoid some possibly severe complications. Whether or not you’re sexually active, Dr. Brodman will suggest you undergo STD testing. Schedule an initial consultation today through mobile or book online to learn more.

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