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5 Tips to Prevent Bunions

One of the most prevalent issues with one’s feet is a bunion, especially among adults. The prevalence of bunions among people is high; some estimates place the number at 31%. Also, if you have a family history of bunions or other foot issues or if you have a specific medical condition, you may be at an increased risk for developing bunions. However, is there any way to stop bunions from developing? Is there anything you can do to prevent bunions from growing or reducing their symptoms if you already have them? With Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates, bunions can be surgically removed, although there are ways to alleviate the pain they cause and prevent them from worsening.

Keep your feet safe by following these top foot care techniques.

1. Don the proper footwear

Protecting your feet requires you to wear shoes that fit properly. Choose a pair of shoes with a roomy toe box, no or very little heel, and some arch support. Avoid wearing shoes with a very high heel or a very pointed toe. It gives your feet the space they need to fit comfortably in the shoe without having to squeeze them in or risk damaging the delicate joints in your feet and causing problems like bunions.

2. Putting in high heels every day is not a good idea 

High heels are the worst for your feet because they place so much weight on your toes, especially the big toe joint. Swap out your high heels for a pair of comfortable flats if you can. To ease into flats without completely abandoning heels, try switching to them a few times a week. Furthermore, if you must wear heels, aim for a height of no more than two inches.

3. Keep your weight in check

Your feet endure a beating from your weight every time you walk. The big toe joint and the foot of an overweight person experience greater strain than they should. A bunion is more likely to form if there is constant stress on the toe joint.

4. See a podiatrist

Your propensity to develop bunions may be genetic. High arches, flat feet, and other abnormalities may have hereditary origins. The risk of acquiring bunions increases if you already have certain conditions. Please pay attention to any symptoms of bunions and treat them immediately. If you discover your bunions early, you may take steps to prevent them from growing worse.

While factors like heredity and some structural issues may be beyond your control, you may still reduce your likelihood of developing a bunion by seeing a podiatrist for advice. Professionals often recommend bespoke orthotics to balance the tension your foot form creates.

5. Allow your feet to rest

Given how often they are on the go, the feet need as much downtime as the rest of you. If you have been on your feet for a long, sitting down is a great way to relieve stress and tension. Take off your shoes often during the day to let your feet breathe. Your feet will be grateful even if you are already wearing shoes that effectively prevent bunions.

There is more than just a cosmetic reason to avoid developing bunions. The pain and discomfort caused by a bunion are well-known. You may want to follow these guidelines if you are at a greater risk of getting bunions. If you already have bunions, a podiatrist may prescribe a treatment plan to lessen your discomfort.

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