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6 Common Oral Health Complications in Kids

The childhood period is filled with exploration, development, and adventure. Unfortunately, these years are also the root cause of the occasional oral complications. For instance, the kid may fall, which can cause injuries to their teeth. Usually, these oral problems are common and inevitable because the kid is still developing. If your kid is struggling with any dental condition from crooked or missing to gum disease, Perris chief dentist can help. Since there are numerous dental problems, let’s look at 6 common oral health complications in kids.

1. Thumb Sucking

Most kids tend to suck their thumb or fingers. This condition is common and okay for kids because it allows them to feel comfortable and safe. However, if the habit progresses in childhood, it has several consequences on the growth of permanent teeth. For instance, intense and strong sucking can damage the temporary and permanent structure of teeth. Luckily, a pediatric dentist can help by suggesting strategies to break the habit.

2. Grinding

Grinding happens because the upper teeth are misaligned with the lower teeth. Some kids grind their teeth, trying to remove pain or discomfort while teething. This condition can indicate a hyperactive kid during the stress or excitement period. The problem, however, ends as the kid grows, but if it persists, it can cause pain and sensitivity. Your pediatric dentist can provide a night guard to aid the child from grinding teeth.

3. Cavities

Regular contact with milk and carbohydrate-rich foods like cookies, sugary drinks, vitamin drinks, bread, and pasta are some of the main causes of tooth decay. Moreover, extended night feeding practice also surges the possibility of developing baby bottle tooth cavities. If the cavity is untreated, the child is at risk of infection and pus formation in the teeth that can impact their permanent teeth.

4. Canker Sores

Cancers are painful sores that mainly develop on the inner side of the mouth. The cankers mainly disappear after one or two weeks, although there are instances they can persist. They harm the kid’s well-being by making it hard for them to talk and eat. Even though its cause is unknown, a pediatric dentist can assist in managing the issue.

5. Early Tooth loss

Injury, tooth decay, and inadequate space for the jaw can contribute to premature tooth loss. Once the tooth is lost prematurely, the nearby tooth may have to shift, leaving no space for the growth of a new permanent tooth. When the new tooth erupts, it may get tilted due to insufficient space. As a result, a crooked tooth causes the kid to experience problems such as chewing problems, improper speech, and temporomandibular joint complications.

6. Tooth Dislocation

This problem is also a common problem with kids due to improper hygiene. For instance, the kid may develop uniformly yellowish-tinted teeth on the tooth’s surface. This problem may result from improper tooth brushing patterns or cleaning after meals. If this happens, contact your kid’s dentist for checkups.

To help your kids work through dental anxiety and practice a lifetime of good dental hygiene habits to avoid these problems, please see the resource below.

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Poor oral health of your kid can be annoying because it affects the kid’s smile and confidence. If your child is experiencing any dental issues, contact Dental Kidz Club with multiple offices in California, Perris. The center offers a welcoming, passionate pediatric dentistry led by Jihee Chun. Also, the clinic is convenient as it has several locations enabling you to find available time for all clients. Book an appointment with the Club today to get started.


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