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6 Common Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

When you have missing teeth or just had your teeth recently taken because of dental trauma or oral infection, you might use a fake tooth to restore your missing tooth. While numerous tooth restoration options exist, including bridges and dentures, dental implants Greenwich are always preferable for aesthetics, longevity, and function. Dental implants could replace a single lost tooth or a complete dental arch. Dentists cover the titanium screw of your implant with a crown that matches the color, shape, and look of your surrounding teeth. Continue reading to discover the major advantages of implants.

1. Avoid More Tooth Loss

It is essential to realize that your teeth are kept in position by their roots and adjacent teeth. As such, once you lose your tooth, the adjacent teeth might begin to slant and become loose. Getting a replacement tooth for a missing tooth is the greatest way to prevent further tooth loss. Most patients value dental implants as they appear and feel natural.

2. Avoid Cavities

The neighboring teeth lose a portion of their support if you lose a tooth. Consequently, teeth may tilt toward the empty gap or become loose with time. Once teeth shift, the risk of tooth decay increases. Crooked teeth offer several hiding places for the bacteria and plaque that develop cavities.

3. Do Not Restrict Your Diet

After tooth extraction, maintaining a balanced diet might be difficult. Unfortunately, avoiding some meals might deprive your body of essential nutrients. For instance, it is hard for the body to maintain strong jawbone tissue if you fail to consume enough nutrients and vitamins. In such cases, you should discuss with your dentist your eligibility for dental implants, as they help preserve your bite and chewing ability.

4. Avoid Jaw Deterioration

Your jawbone requires stimulation from tooth roots to remain healthy. Unfortunately, the pressure imposed on the jawbone is relieved if you lose your tooth. Left unaddressed, your body will start to reabsorb the jawbone to utilize the nutrients elsewhere in a procedure referred to as remineralization.

To avoid jawbone damage, you should discuss dental implant surgery with your dentist. A dental implant will replace the missing tooth in your smile, activating the jawbone as a natural tooth root would. This stimulation maintains the jawbone’s integrity and preserves your facial structure over time.

5. Enhance Your Speech

Missing teeth or dentures could alter your speech, as tooth gaps may induce lisping, and dentures could slide and slip. Whether used to hold implant-supported dentures or capped with a crown, implants will secure your dental restorations and enable you to speak normally.

6. Preserve More Of Your Natural Teeth

For the placement of crowns, dental bridges necessitate the filing down of otherwise healthy neighboring teeth. With implants, you do not have to damage the neighboring teeth. Therefore, your natural teeth could maintain their healthy enamel while still closing the gap caused by a lost tooth.

Missing teeth could result in issues like uneven jawlines, tooth decay, and even gum disease. Luckily, dental implant surgery provides a solution to these issues. The advantages of dental implants extend past the cosmetic value they offer to preserve the mouth and face’s structural integrity. Moreover, dental implants provide a lasting fix to dental gaps at a fraction of the price of sustaining alternatives like dentures while also improving your speech and preventing issues like further tooth loss. Contact your dentist to discover your eligibility for a dental implantation procedure.

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