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7 Foods That Boost Your Brain Power and Concentration

 It is known that there are a lot of supplement increasing memory and brain function, but you may not now the negative effect of them. Nowadays, some experts have found some food that increase brain concentration and other’s function of brain.


It is true that there are not special foods to increase your IQ or to make you smarter, but some certain substance as coffee may help to strengthen your focus and concentration.  Caffeine can be found in coffee, chocolate, and other certain supplement. It makes you wake up from sleepy, but do not have it too much because it may cause insomnia.


Sugar is the source of fuel mostly needed by your brain. Sugar here is glucose broken from sugar and carbohydrate. So, a glass of sweet drink can increase your recent memory, thinking process, and mental ability. Be careful with the portion because it may increase your weight.


The main function of protein is to make you stay full longer than carbohydrate or fat. Diet protein is good to reduce your weight and to keep your health generally.


Fish is the source of protein contains a lot of fatty acid, Omega 3 which is good for brain growth and function. It is related to the risk of stroke and dementia and mental depression. It is better to have 2 portions of fish every day to keep your brain and hearth healthy.

Nuts and Chocolate

Nut and seed the best source of antioxidant and vitamin E that is related to the lower of cognitive function decrease. Black chocolate also has good antioxidant and contains natural stimulator like caffeine increasing brain’s focus and concentration. Having 1 owns chocolate or nut every day may give you all of the benefit without calorie, fat, or sugar.

Avocado and Whole Rice

Each part of your organ depend your blood stream, especially hearth and brain. Whole rice and fruit as avocado reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases blood stream, spread brain cell as well. Whole rice as grain and popcorn give food fiber and vitamin E. avocado contains saturated fat to increase blood stream.


Some research shows that blueberry protects your brain from oxidative stress and reduces the effect of Alzheimer and dementia disease. Blueberry diet also increase the ability of old motor to become younger motor.

Healthy Diet

The lack of essential nutrition may reduce concentration ability. More or less eating also influence your focus because it will make you tired or get starving. It is better to have balance diet with various kind of healthy food.

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