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8 Habits To Boost Energy You Should Follow Everyday

When many problems come in our daily activity, it means that we need help to keep our spirit to do all daily activities. These are some suggestion from health expert to keep good and strong stamina.

Get up regularly

Although you get various problems, you need to get up early in the morning with the same time as usually. Then, take a bath to relax mind. When stress comes, sleep cycles runs back for 12 minutes every day. A mount stress means that you reduce sleep time for 6 hour.

When sleeping cycles goes back, wake up time also goes back. When this condition happens, the level of energy will drop. In order to remove tired, we need to manage good life rhythm and to get morning sun light.

You need to avoid morning coffee, but just go sun bathing for 30 minutes. Then, enjoy your breakfast in front of your park.

Consume More protein

Carbohydrate is important to supply energy, but consuming more carbohydrate can cause body weak and sleepy. Research conducted by Donald K Layman, PhD, professor of Illinois University shows that women consuming more protein will be more energetic than women consuming carbohydrate.

It is better to limit carbohydrate supply around 150 gram in a day and to replace it with 40 gram oatmeal and an apple for breakfast. Then, consume a cup of brown rice with a half cup of broccoli. A cup of spaghetti and some tomato sausages can be dinner menu.

Drink Coffee in The Evening

Caffeine works preventing the effect of adenosine. It is a chemical substance that is able to make people easy to get sleepy. Coffee consumed in the morning can not stand until evening, so that it is suggested drinking coffee in the evening.

However, when you get sensitive toward caffeine, you can reduce steepness by walking around. Do not force to drink coffee because it can disturb your sleep quality.

Eat Food On Time

Eat food three times a day on time needs food supply on 7 morning and 12 in the afternoon. When you do not pay attention on this case, body will be easy to get tired. Besides, postponed hunger can make us consume more food.

You can prepare breakfast at night, so that you will not get late to go to the office. Do not forget to carry food for lunch. In the weekend, make food that can be warmed fast to have it for dinner.

Spare Time for Meditation

Judith Olof, MD, psychiatrists from UCLA states that meditation for 3 minutes can reduce the production of stress hormone that presses muscle and blood vein. Besides, meditation also increases endorphin hormone as pain reduction and spirit increasing hormone.

Evening Walking

In the evening, sun light also reduces energy. The interaction between regulation systems and circadian system makes us tired 17 – 18 hours after sleeping at night. It is better to have break time for a while and spare time for walking. You can have different route every day and do it by chatting to your friend through cell phone.

Start Day with Music

Exercise is the first spirit increaser, but when you get tired, you can listen to music from iPod, MP3 Player, and other music instrument. A research in Japan published in Journal of Sport Medicine and physical Fitness reports that people who do exercise by listening to music will not be easy to get tired. Besides, you can listen to music with certain beat or include audio books in your iPod to read.

Turn Lamp Off

Some studies show that very shiny light can increase brain power. Light derived from computer screen can be categorized as shiny light, especially with video game. It is able disturb your sleep quality.

It is better to just watch TV with 5 meters or reading book to get sleepy faster. Then, make sure that you use less than 60 watt light. Then, turn your computer one hour before sleeping.

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