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A Beginners Guide to Buying The Right Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are used for corrective (to correct refractive errors of eyes, improve vision etc.), therapeutic and cosmetic purpose. Previously there were only hard contact lenses available, but thanks to Czech chemists Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim who invented present modern soft contact lenses. They also invented the gel that is used for the production of these soft contact lenses. Contact lens was first successfully fitted by Adolf Eugen Fick, a German physiologist, while working in Zurich in the year 1887. only hard contact lenses were available at first and they had many disadvantages like chances of injury to the eyes, painful, chances of infection etc.

At present 3 types of contact lenses are available soft contact lenses, hard contact lenses and gas permeable contact lenses. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should decide according to your requirement, which type of contact lens to use. Advantages of soft contact lenses are they are comfortable to use, allow oxygen to penetrate, they are hydrophilic and available as daily use disposable type. The disadvantage of soft contact lens is the clarity of vision is not as good as that of hard contact lenses. The advantages of hard contact lenses are, they are durable and last very long (several years), high clarity of vision etc. The disadvantages of hard contact lenses are, they are not gas permeable, can take up to few weeks to feel comfortable, an wetting solution is required, they are costly (though they last very long and at the end become cost effective). The disadvantages of gas permeable contact lenses are, they become comfortable in about 3 hours, oxygen can penetrate and clarity of vision is reasonable (in between hard and soft lenses). The disadvantages of gas permeable contact lenses are, they are expensive and often inflexible.

The disorders of eyes where contact lenses can be used are myopia (short sightedness), presbyopia (light is refracted too much to one side), astigmatism (this causes distorted curving of the images), hyperopia (far sightedness) etc.

Among the contact lenses, Acuvue contact lenses are considered to be of very good quality. They are available in many colors also, which give you a fresh look or appearance. That’s why the colored contact lenses are also called Freshlook colored contacts. At present the presence of bifocal contact lenses (used for correcting 2 types of eye problems) and disposable contact lenses have made the contact lens industry very popular. The advantages of these 2 types of contact lenses are obvious.

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