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Advantages of Getting Rhinoplasty

The nose is a prominent facial feature and can significantly impact your appearance. While changing your hair color, style, or wardrobe is easy, changing the nose can be challenging and often requires surgery. New York, NY facial plastic surgeon might recommend you get Rhinoplasty if you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose.

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help you achieve a more attractive appearance. The procedure involves shaping the cartilage and bones of the nose as well as removing any unwanted skin from the tip of the nose. The procedure can be done to shorten the nose, narrow the nostrils, or reduce the size of the hump on top of your nose.

The most common reasons why people seek Rhinoplasty include the following:

To improve self-confidence

Rhinoplasty allows you to reshape your nose to reflect your natural beauty and facial proportions better. That can positively affect your self-confidence and help your interactions with others.

Trouble breathing efficiently

If you have had trouble breathing through your nose for years, your nasal passage has likely narrowed. That means that the airflow from your nostrils to the back of your throat is constricted by a part called the turbinate. This turbinate can be removed during Rhinoplasty to improve or restore breathing through the nose. A narrow nasal passage can also cause problems with snoring.

The nose is too big

If you feel your nose is too big for your face, it might be time to consider getting a Rhinoplasty. You may also have difficulty breathing through your nose due to an increased nose size. A smaller size will help with this problem.

To remove unsightly bumps from accidents or injuries

An injury to the nose can cause a bump to form on its tip. It might be due to a sharp blow, such as falling, hitting the face, or breaking your nose in an accident. By removing this bump, your nose will look more attractive. It is also possible that this bump is due to a skin tag. If this is the case, you may not need a Rhinoplasty to remove it.

A Rhinoplasty also helps reduce the appearance of skin that has broken down due to sun damage. The surgery can help with these issues by lifting the skin and pulling it away from your nose.

To improve facial symmetry

There are various factors that determine facial symmetry including muscle tone, bone structure, and the alignment of the facial bone. Whatever the cause of the asymmetry present on your face, Rhinoplasty can help correct the imbalance, so both sides look identical.

Rhinoplasty aims to create a more attractive nose by reducing its size and changing its shape. When you have a problem with your nose and want it corrected, it is crucial to go to the right doctor. Doctors will determine if you need to remove excess skin, reshape cartilage or bone, or add implants to increase the size or shape of your nose. Contact Norman J. Pastorek MD, PC, FACS to book an appointment with a specialist to learn more about Rhinoplasty.

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