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Alternative Medicine For Acne Treatment You Should Know

Acne is chronic inflammatory condition of pilosebaceous glands of mainly face (acne can occur in other parts of the body like chest and trunk). Main characteristics of acne are comedones, excess production of sebum or seborrhea and papule/pustule. The causative organism of acne is propionobacterium acnes. There is hypercornification of pilosebaceous gland in acne.

Acne treatment with herbal products (aloe Vera) is very successful, though the commonest form of acne treatment is with antibiotics (e.g. doxycycline, minocycline) and isotretinoin. Acne treatment by using herbal products include acne cleanser, acne moisturizer with sunblock, acne clarifying lotion and acne renewing exfoliants. Most of the herbal acne products are based on aloe vera.

The acne cleanser cleans and control bacteria (P. acnes) and also remove excess sebum from skin. Acne is more common in people with oily type of skin and aloe vera based acne cleansers are specifically designed for oily skin. Acne moisturizer reduce inflammation of acne skin and protects skin from sensitivity of sun. The acne moisturizer helps is moisturizing the skin and thus protects the skin from sun without increasing the oil of skin. The acne clarifying lotion helps by cleaning the blocked pilosebaceous gland ducts. The pilosebaceous ducts are blocked in acne and the pilosebaceous gland become enlarged and inflamed. Thus the acne clarifying lotion also control the bacteria. Acne renewal exfoliant help by removing the dead cells of acne skin (the outermost layer of skin is epidermis which is made up of dead epithelial cells) and promote growth of healthy cells. This helps in maintenance therapy. The skin texture is improved by acne renewal exfoliant.

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