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As Human Being You Should Know Ice cream – good or bad

The ice cream is good and bad. If you consume moderate, choose less calorific assortment and do not combined with an inadequately diet, ice cream is a delight that cannot do any worse.

Especially in summer, when you want to chill.


Not necessarily affect the figure. You can consume sort with fewer calories – fruit ice cream is around 100 calories, one with whipped cream has 330. A cup of regular ice cream contains 16-18 grams of fat, and if prepared with partially skimmed ingredients, the amount of fat is reduced to half. Now find in stores and diet ice cream.

It’s a delicious source of calcium. A cup of ice cream has at least 20% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium for children. By content of egg and dairy products (cream, milk or yogurt), ice cream is an excellent source of calcium, essential element in strengthening bones and teeth.

It is an excellent method to refresh.


As all sweets, consumed in large quantities, the ice cream is a source of “empty calories” that weight without bringing too much nutritional benefit.

Not only fat (it has more carbohydrates, proteins and added to a diet inadequately, lead to obesity), but because high sugar content, result to the occurrence of caries and migraines.

Consumed in excess (quickly, in large amounts or combined with juices) can cause stomach pains and sometimes diarrhea.

Ice cream is made from sugar, colorants, flavors, cream or milk, more or less skimmed. Some varieties contain fruit syrup or fruit pulp in the cream and egg. Read the packages, because even so-called light products containing artificial sweeteners.

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