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Attitude Happy Alone Quotes

Some people find that being alone is a time when they can reflect on their lives. This is because loneliness doesn’t always have to be bad. Being alone does not necessarily mean that you are lonely. This me time is important to people who want to understand their lives. We have compiled the happy only quotes for such people.

These quotes will make you realize how much fun being alone can be. These Feeling Alone Quotes will help you to explore the mysteries of your own life.

These heartfelt lonely quotes will help you answer the next time someone asks why you choose to be distant from others. You will be able to share what makes you unique and an intriguing mystery.

Solo Attitude Being Alone Quotes

  1. Marilyn Monroe: “It’s better to be unhappy alone than with someone else – so far.”
  2. Anthony Burgess: “Laugh and the whole world laughs with your, snore alone and you go to sleep.”
  3. Ellen Burstyn: “What a wonderful surprise to finally discover just how unlonely being single can be.”
  4. “As I age, I feel more at ease being alone.” -Sienna Miller
  5. “Loneliness brings beauty to your life.” It gives sunsets a special glow and makes the night air smell more pleasant.” -Henry Rollins
  6. “I live in that solitude, which is painful when I’m young but delicious as I get older.” -Albert Einstein
  7. “Nothing can bring peace to you but you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. “Being alone is a strength that very few people can manage.” -Steven Aitchison
  9. “Loneliness is the feeling of being alone, while solitude is the joy of being alone.” -Paul Tillich
  10. Frances Hodgson Burnett: “If you look at the world in the right way, it will be a garden.”
  11. “Darkness can’t drive out darkness; only light can.” Martin Luther King Jr.
  12. Oscar Wilde: “We all live in the gutter, but some are looking up at the stars.”
  13. Matt Cameron: “Live your life to the fullest and keep your eyes on the good.”
  14. “A positive attitude might not solve all of our problems, but it is the only way we have to get out from behind problems.” – Subodh Gopta
  15. “If you don’t like something, make it better.” If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
  16. Helen Keller: “Optimism, the faith that leads towards achievement; nothing is possible without hope.”
  17. Your attitude can either propel you forward or hinder your progress. Catherine Pulsifer
  18. “A positive attitude can be a passport to a better future.” – Jeff Keller
  19. Believe in yourself every day that you deserve a happy life. Breathe, let go of stress. Keep positive. All is well.” – Germany Kent
  20. “Positivity creates a peaceful mind, which then relaxes your whole body.” – SumanArora
  21. “A positive attitude is not wishy-washy. It’s a concrete, intelligent way to see problems, challenges and obstacles.” Jeff Moore
  22. Scott Hamilton: “A bad attitude is the only disability in life.”
  23. Patricia Neal: “A positive, positive attitude will produce more miracles than any magic drug.”
  24. “When negative thoughts arise-and they will; it comes to all of us-it is not enough to not dwell on them …. It’s important to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. – Joel Osteen


  1. Roger Fritz: “Building a positive outlook starts with confidence in yourself.”
  2. Bruce Lee: “Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. They are weeds that strangle faith.”
  3. Walt Whitman: “Keep your face toward the sun, and shadows will fall behind.”
  4. Dabo Swinney: “To be an Overachiever, you must be an Over-believer.”
  5. Life is your seesaw. While you may not be able to stay balanced for very long, you can still aim for the high after every low.” Sanita Belgrave

Alone Boy Attitude Quotes

  1. William James: “If your mind can be changed, you can transform your life.”
  2. You’re off to great destinations, today is your chance. Your mountain is waiting for you, so get going.” – Dr. Seuss
  3. “I’m too busy working with my own grass to check if yours might be greener.” – Unknown
  4. Positive thinking makes a huge difference in your life. – Ellen DeGeneres
  5. “Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.”
  6. Yogi Berra: “Nobody is able to smile all the time. But having a positive outlook is something you shouldn’t shrug off.”
  7. “Never forget smile, because a positive attitude can surely motivate you after you have made a big mistake.” – Norbert Richards
  8. “Nurture your mind by great thoughts. For you will never get any higher than what you think.” – Benjamin Diisraeli
  9. Walt Disney: “I like to see the positive side of life but I am realistic enough that I know that life can be complicated.”
  10. “A positive outlook is something that every person can develop, and anyone can learn to adopt it.” – Deeksha Ara
  11. Stephen Richards: “The only way you can fail is when your fall and stay down.”
  12. “Being a champion is not possible if you don’t believe you are the greatest.” “If you don’t believe you are the best, pretend that you are.” Muhammad Ali
  13. Positive attitude is key to a successful world. “Without it, your world is filled with ill fates and unfortunate circumstances.” Lorena Laughlin
  14. “If you keep a positive attitude and give your best effort, you’ll eventually overcome your immediate problems. Then you will be ready to tackle greater challenges.” – Pat Riley
  15. Marie Osmond: “The greatest discovery of all time is that one can change his future simply by changing his attitude.”
  16. “We have two options: we can complain that rosebushes have thorns or rejoice that thorns have flowers.” – Unknown
  17. “Accept hardship as a necessary discipline.” Lailah Gifty Akkita
  18. Joyce Meyer: Faith is a positive attitude that focuses on what you can accomplish and doesn’t worry about what you don’t.
  19. It’s a simple trick that you can use on yourself. Smile and close your eyes whenever you feel lonely or sad. You can do it as many times you want.” Genki Kawamura
  20. James Thompson
  21. “It is possible to make failures into successes by adopting a positive attitude.” – Dan Miller
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