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Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you know anyone who snores or breathes heavily when they sleep? In most instances, this condition is caused by sleeping apnea. The person experiences breathing pauses since the pathway is blocked or collapsed. Due to the interference in the pathway, the body fails to get enough oxygen. These people feel tired and exhausted waking up.  Most people have used Austin oral appliance therapy to solve their sleep apnea. The following are the benefits of treating sleep apnea.

Better Heart Health

The heart does not receive enough oxygen when a person has sleep apnea. This increases the stress in the heart as it tries to increase the oxygen level in the blood. Due to this breathing, the body will try to wake up and restore airflow, which increases adrenaline, the hormone epinephrine, in the blood. If this adrenaline remains high for a long time, the person could suffer heart disease, irregular heartbeats, and high blood pressure. Besides, less oxygen can cause the body to have more carbon dioxide, which increases the pressure on the chest, causing inflammation.

Boosts Energy

You are likely to have daytime fatigue if you suffer from the condition. The main reason is that when you sleep, and the airwaves are closed, the body works harder to restore the airflow. This interferes with the individuals’ sleep cycles. Besides, the body works when it is supposed to rest and recover the energy it loses during the day. Correcting the condition will give you the correct sleep cycle and the body rest, gaining energy to start the next day.

 Lower Diabetes Risk

Sleep Apnea has been associated with causing type 2 diabetes. The main reason is that it causes oxygen deprivation which affects glucose metabolism by increasing inflammation and glucose resistance. Besides, the obstruction reduces the glucose sensitivity and effectiveness since the synthesizing hormone is deregulated. Therefore, correcting this problem will help to reduce the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Helps in Weight Loss

When you lack sleep, you usually feel unmotivated to exercise. Besides, you will crave sugary food to have more energy, disrupting the hormones. The condition also lowers the leptin level, a hormone that signals the body that the stomach is full for the individual to stop eating. Since people with this condition eat too much and exercise little, they tend to suffer from being overweight. When the condition is corrected, you could have improved willpower to exercise, eat healthily, and avoid sugary food.

It reduces headaches

One of the common impacts of having sleep apnea is suffering from headaches. This is because the bloodstream does not have enough oxygen leading to throbbing pain around the brain. Besides, when the body lacks enough oxygen, the blood vessels dilate to boost circulation. Since the oxygen will not be enough, the carbon dioxide will be recycled to cater to the deficiency, causing irritation. The person could suffer from migraines and pain when waking up. However, if you correct this problem, the migraines will seize.

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