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Best Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every women wants to make their look gorgeous and beautiful. For this, they looks for best tips and advice. Here, I am sharing some special beauty tips for every woman to ensure their looks perfect, hot and gorgeous.

Keep Moisturized Hair

If you like too have hair treatment in beauty salon, it is now the time to start doing hair treatment at home. You can start to use coconut oil to moisturize hair and celery leaves can thickness hair stem. Changing your hair style can also be considered to have practice hair treatment.

Tighten Skin

It is suggested applying milk treatment for face skin regularly to tighten skin and to reduce wrinkle. Clean face skin first and stick a soft towel or cloth that has been soaked in fresh milk on the surface of skin for 10 minutes. Then, wash face until clean.

The amount of protein, fat, amino acid, and vitamin A containing in milk can repair skin irritation. A skin specialist, David Bank, MD states that milk contains lactate acid as containing in alpha hydroxyl acid, a kind of formula used for peeling. It is able to help skin regeneration process, so that you can get healthy and fresh skin condition.

Reduce Spot

Concealer can be use to cover certain spot on the surface of face. however, as getting older, dark stain will appears much more because of hyper pigmentation process so, you need to apply better concealer to cover dark spot.

You can apply lighter concealer than foundation color and use brush to apply it. Then, apply loose powder to have perfect make up application.

Shiny Skin

Most tropical skin has combination skin type which tends to be oily. So, it is rather hard to apply loose powder on oily skin. It is suggested applying mineral foundation having soft texture and cans stick well on the surface of skin.

Repair Lip Condition

You can apply light color of lipstick with soft texture and formula. In order to get younger impression and mild make up, you can apply lip gloss lip color. Lip gloss has high moisturizer, so that it does not cause dry lip.
Infographic Provided By Dermal Filler Injections Company, Revanesse

Beautiful and Sweet Smile

Having white and healthy teeth may give you more beautiful smile. Nowadays, toothpaste does not only contain fluoride, but also contain baking soda. Basically, you can make your own formula to white tooth color.

a. mix 3 tea spoons hydrogen peroxide with 3 spoons of baking soda

b. Stir them well as pasta and use it to brush teeth

c. Repeat it several times and then brush teeth with your daily tooth paste

The color of lipstick also has important role too get beautiful smile. In spite of selecting suitable color for your skin, it is better to have lipstick color that can lighten tooth color.

Reduce Wrinkle

Do not apply too much make up. Many people thought that applying more foundation can lighten skin color. In fact, more foundation applied, more wrinkle will appear, especially in mouth and eye area. Then, it is better to use dry sponge to apply foundation and clap it slowly.

Reduce Dark Eye Circle

Do not throw tea bag away because you can use it to heal dark eye circle. Sleep problem and less resting time may be common problem for women. So, eye becomes tired and dark eye circle appear.

Tea bad can be used to reduce dark eye circle because caffeine containing in tea bag can small blood vessel around your eyes. Put it on the surface of your close eyes. Then, apply concealer to cover it with your little finger.

Wide Eye Effect

Use eyelashes curler correctly for three times and apply eye shadow with natural color as beige or light brown. It is better to avoid dark color like black and blue.

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I am the admin of this health and fitness blog. I completed his diploma in medical science. I loves to share my knowledge in medical science.
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