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Best Features Of MediTouch EHR Software

Most providers get confused hearing the name MediTouch EHR software. They are not in the wrong; we genuinely understand your confusion. It’s valid. MediTouch is basically the former name of NextGen Office. So, you might know this vendor by its existing name because it is a leading healthcare provider. Calling it MediTouch is not wrong, so we’ll proceed with the article using the former name of this futuristic EHR.

What you will find in this article is in-depth insights into the features of MediTouch EHR. We observed that most people reject this platform for its apparent price tag. As a result, they do themselves wrong, denying the potential to prosper in practical life. So, we will enlighten you by sharing its services’ main ideas to understand better how effective they are. So, what do you say? Let’s jump into it, wasting no moment.


MediTouch is a telehealth-friendly EMR solution that streamlines clinical processes the way they are meant to be. It enhances the productivity of medical practices by automating operational tasks. The robust platform also handles the claims with perfection, performing scrubbing processes and proof-checking all the entries. This easy-to-use solution seamlessly aligns with the needs of clinical practices.

MediTouch EHR enjoys a reasonable customer satisfaction rate and excellent reviews. The flexible design of this platform enables practitioners to align it with their set goals. Besides that, its comprehensive range of solutions improves overall efficiency and breeds a competitive environment. Clients don’t have to waste time hunting down performance reports as it creates dynamic reports.

Golden Features of MediTouch EHR

Patient Encounters

Who doesn’t want to shape clinical procedures to their will? MediTouch EMR presents you with one such opportunity by allowing for customizable patient encounters. You can craft meaningful interactions by adding value to the patient visits. It starts way before the patient steps foot in the clinic. You can do so by offering patients convenience and soulful attention. Use the scheduler to see who is your next patient and take a minute to align all clinical documents.

There’s no need to switch tabs as you will get to see all crucial information on a single screen. Use the medical information to fill in the custom templates, or you can create customized templates from scratch. Also, avail the function of voice dictation and let the software file patent documents by recognizing your speech. It will save you precious time, leading to interactive and engaging patient encounters.

Integrated Scheduler

For sure, nowadays, almost all EHR solutions offer appointment scheduling tools. But, MediTouch EHR software provides an unprecedented integrated scheduling tool embedded in the practice’s workflow. There’s no such thing as the misconception leading to appointment overlaps. The entire appointment calendar is visible to clinicians, front-desk managers, and even patients, eliminating the element of error.

This scheduler not only allows patients to schedule physical appointments but virtual ones too. They don’t have to visit your clinic to set up appointments. It can be done digitally using the patient portal. Also, the credible solution sends timely alerts and reminders to notify patients of upcoming meetings. So they can set their schedule accordingly without having to miss the appointment. It reduces last-minute cancellations, thus increasing overall revenue generation.

Electronic Prescribing

It is not an extraordinary feature, is it? Of course, it is. Nothing about MediTouch EHR is ordinary, especially its services. E-prescription is a top-rated name on the list of remarkable benefits of MediTouch EMR. It is way beyond a primary prescribing tool. It does not just allow filling prescriptions using patient information. This HIPAA-compliant tool integrates with the EHR solution to get deeper insights before prescribing medication.

It looks into the patient’s medical records to see if the client is susceptible to allergic reactions. What’s more, before finalizing the prescription, it runs a thorough check to see for conflicting drugs. Adding to it, the software enables you to go for substance-controlled prescriptions too. In addition, prescribe a more calculated medication dosage to ensure effective treatment outcomes. Lastly, patients are allowed to request refills via the portals.

Telehealth Software

Telehealth is a fancy word even after being in conception for ages. However, when the phrase telehealth is linked with an EHR solution, its reliability level touches the sky. The same is the case for Meditab EHR software. This feature is even examined in the demo of Meditab EHR. It adds value to the vendor, for scalability follows around when there’s a talk about telehealth. You can grow your medical business to new heights with this healthcare solution.

Earn your clients’ trust by showing them you value their time. If, for some reason, they can’t visit your clinic, humor them by allowing for virtual visits. This way, they will get treated timely to prevent any unconditional circumstances. In addition, they pair an integrated billing tool with the remote care service, so you don’t have to worry about your fee. Also, there’s a proper setup and guidelines for handling patients in the virtual waiting room too.

Medical Billing

Get ready to experience pain-free billing with MediTouch EMR. The reviews of MediTouch EMR are backed by exceptional remarks about the billing module of MediTouch medical billing software. The users have highlighted significant facts about this service of Meditab EHR. This service works by automating the billing statement and invoices using specialized medical codes. It allows for hassle-free and accurate bill processing to dodge any potential errors.

In addition to the bills, the claims are also dealt with with proper care. The vendor assigns a team of experts to handle the statements and claims efficiently. It reduces the tendency of mistakes by running eligibility tests and re-checking all claims before submitting them to the payers. Doing so boosts the claims acceptance rate, which then enhances the clinical reimbursement rate. Streamlining the payment processes, the service also minimizes delays in payment clearance.

Final Words

Now it’s time, to sum up, the article. We hope you find the compiled information about the features of Meditab EHR in your best interest. We suggest you schedule a demo with MediTouch EHR to get a better idea of its services. If there’s still something clouding your judgment, reach out to us.

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