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Color-Coordinated Road Signs: Their Importance and Utility in Maintaining Road Safety

Street signs are for performing the critical function of notifying the traffic regulations the motorists and pedestrians. They are best for warning everyone about the potential safety hazards and guiding motorists safely to their destinations. Street signs are more of visuals and symbols instead of words for conveying the message. Traffic symbols are best for establishing instant contact and communication with motorists, pedestrians, and other road users, assisting them in overcoming language restrictions. It is of pivotal importance for all road users to know these traffic signs for maintaining road safety and efficiency.

Black And White Road Signs

One Way Signs

One-way signs indicate that the traffic will be moving only in one direction on that street or roadway. One-way signs typically include an arrow demonstrating the actual direction or flow of traffic. Several drivers, not accustomed to driving in big cities often fail to recognize one-way signs since one-way roads are not there in the place where they had lived earlier. It is advisable to be extra alert and careful to avoid going the wrong way while on a one-way roadway.

Speed Limit Signs

According to the IOWA, several traffic rules specify when, where, and how fast drivers are allowed to drive. Speed limit signs are in black and white, and they specify the maximum permissible speed on a specific stretch of roadway. Many speed limit signs, particularly on highways demonstrate both maximum and minimum speed limits. Legally speaking, the margin of error is absent in case of speed limits. The maximum permissible speed limit is the fastest speed you can drive in, and you are sure to get a ticket, even if you go just 1mph over the set limit.

No Turn Signs

No turn signs are an indication that you are not allowed to make a right turn or left turn or even a U-turn. These signs are visible at controlled intersections. Some stoplights may be helpful in controlling traffic, but they do not permit any right or left turns. These signs are frequently visible in construction zones where turns are prohibited, and roads are closed temporarily.

Yellow Road Signs

Two Way Traffic Signs

Two Way Traffic signs imply that the driver can take both ways without a barrier. Two-way traffic signs are most often used after a multi-lane roadway or a divided highway. It could be quite challenging at night to understand that the divided highway has converted to a single lane or roadway in each direction. You may come across personalized street signs in yellow. You will never miss seeing them as they are bright and prominent.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Pedestrian crossings imply that there seems to be a specified area for pedestrians to cross the road. Usually, pedestrians enjoy the right-of-way. It is a good idea to safely stop or slow down to let pedestrians cross the road. Almost 5,000 pedestrians annually are killed because of car versus pedestrian strikes. Many more pedestrians are injured every year after colliding with a vehicle.


It is a good idea to learn more about the street signs to ensure road safety. You should be able to recognize street or traffic signs to avoid any hazardous accidents.

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