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You Don’t Need To Worry If You Lost A Tooth Or Teeth

For individuals who have experienced the loss of one or more of their teeth, there is an effective solution in existence to replace missing teeth without the use of dentures. Dental implants can be put into place as a permanent solution for teeth that are absent for any reason. They do not need to be replaced, and they do not have to be removed and cleaned like dentures. Cosmetically, implants look just like regular teeth. There are no notable differences that will alert anybody to the presence of them. Implants can boost your confidence, and promote good oral health overall.

When someone receives a dental implant, the root of their implant is put into place within the patient’s gums where the original tooth used to be located. The root is generally a small piece of Titanium that will hold the implant securely in place. Implants can then be cared for and cleaned in the same ways that regular teeth are cared for and cleaned. Furthermore they can last a lifetime if they are taken care of and properly maintained. Dawson Dental Centers will even guarantee their work for a specific period of time, much like a warranty works to ensure the work of their craft.

There are also temporary versions of dental implants that will last for shorter spans of time than traditional implants are designed to last. These kinds of implants generally last for periods ranging from 5 to 10 years. These are good for people who are not up to the process of receiving full-fledged implants. Temporary implants will still help to prevent bone loss, which occurs at the areas where a tooth is missing. However, temporary implants are only used to help keep dentures in place. In the event that someone needs a single tooth placed or a bride put in, full sized implants remain the best option.

Either option for temporary or full sized implants is available at Dawson Dental Centers. They even have a process that is available for those who wish to have these procedures completed within one day. This means that you can have all of your missing teeth replaced with a permanent set of implants within a minimal amount of time. This fast one day process ensures uniform healing times with a minimal amount of pain or discomfort to be experienced by the patients who receive the placement of dental implants.

The people at Dawson Dental Centers are experts who are very experienced in the field of dental implants. If you are considering getting implants, contact them first. They guarantee their work, and they are also backed by a great deal of experience with the placement of implants and temporary implants.

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