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Fascinating Facts About Genetic Testing

Every couple wishes to have a healthy baby, but sometimes it becomes impossible since one may have low sperm or egg count. However, due to advancements in technology, it is possible to conceive through in vitro fertilization. This method is effective though there are some challenges since the partner may have underlying conditions that may affect the baby. Therefore, the couple must undergo genetic testing to ensure the pregnancy is safe and the baby is born healthy. If you wish to have an IVF, a genetic testing Winter Park specialist at the Center for Reproductive Medicine is there to ensure you have a healthy baby. They will test you and your partner for any disorders to ensure you are all safe and ready for the parental journal. Here are more facts about genetic testing you must know.

The Test Helps You to Plan Ahead

Any test done by the doctor is to help identify any available conditions and help you plan your future in case there are underlying conditions. Gene testing helps identify any available conditions that may endanger the pregnancy and affect the baby before, during, and after birth. If the doctor finds a condition, they may try to treat or suppress it to prevent it from affecting the baby. They will know how to monitor the pregnancy to ensure you have a healthy child.

Carriers Of Genetic Diseases Are Healthy

You may not realize your underlying condition unless you get tested. Many people live with conditions without realizing it, and since they are carriers, their bodies have adapted and can neutralize the condition. However, if they conceive, they may transmit the condition to the baby, and the baby might be unable to handle it since they are not carriers and hence end up being affected and born with complications. It is also possible for the pregnancy to terminate due to the conditions. That is why genetic testing becomes important at this stage to ascertain the health status of the couples and help bring up a healthy baby.

Genetic Testing May Help You Understand Your Family History

Once you undergo thorough genetic testing, you will understand your family history and if there has been a disorder that your family has carried over the years. Some conditions are genetically transmitted and run in families. Through testing, you will know what condition is in your family and what you need to watch to manage it.

A Genetic Counselor May Help You Navigate the Results

Once you undergo the test, you may be unable to understand the results since they require specialists conversant with the process. A genetic counselor can help you go through the results and make you understand the negative or positive implications. They will also recommend the next action to take to manage your condition and, if none is available, how to live a healthy life.

People have had complications during pregnancy, or even their babies have complications after birth without understanding the cause. That may be some genetically transmitted conditions, making testing essential during the journey to prevent these problems. The Center for Reproductive Medicine team has experience in genetic testing and results in interpretation, giving recommendations on living a healthy life. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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