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How Can Regenerative Medication Remedy Pain and Inflammation?

Achy and stiff joints make it difficult for individuals to get through ordinary activities. It affects different body parts like shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, and joints. It makes it hard for individuals to concentrate on their regular activities. When traditional medication cannot bring you relief and surgery is the only option, you must think twice.

Regenerative medication may come as a solution. If you look at reports from medical specialists and experts, they will reveal that regenerative medication is a developing field in the medical world. It includes various procedures that boost the body’s healing capacity and provide you with added benefits. Along with this, it helps you improve your overall activity and lifestyle. 

Stem cell therapy

When talking about regenerative medication, stem cell therapy is the best-known option. These days, medical practitioners use this therapy to treat tissue and joint damage and have gained success. Some studies reveal that patients suffering from osteoarthritis have reported improvement from this treatment. 

Since it involves stem cells, it has a unique ability to morph any category of cell that is near. In case of deteriorated ligament and cartilage in the joints, stem cells introduced in the shoulder or knees can regenerate and transform these issues. At first, medical practitioners of QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) extracted stem cells from the affected body parts. After this, they inject the stem cells into the joint for healing. 

PRP or platelet-rich plasma

Coming to yet another popular regenerative medicine, and that is PRP therapy. People suffering from knee osteoarthritis are looking into platelet-rich plasma for treating joint pain. Although it has been in practice for the last three decades, it has gained immense popularity in the early stage of this century. In this procedure, the doctors draw out a minor blood sample from the arm and place the same in a centrifuge. 

Studies revealed that PRP therapy helps provide positive results in the case of knee osteoarthritis and stops the disease from progressing. It spins the blood at high speed and tries to isolate platelets from other elements in the blood called white and red blood cells. After it is ready, the person injects the same into the targeted joint that introduces a growth factor, which boosts cell division. It forms tissue regeneration and speeds up the healing procedure. 

Along with this, you also have amniotic membrane injection and prolotherapy. These are different categories of regenerative medicine and involve different types of injections and therapies. These are based on distinct premises and target the body’s natural healing power. Remember that regenerative medication aims to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is different from conventional ways of reducing pain. 

If you are thinking of driving away from traditional surgical processes, then regenerative medication is the only option. The time has come to discuss your issues with the medical practitioner. Discuss every detail of the problem and try to understand the pros and cons of each regenerative medicine. You can effectively treat chronic pain in less time with this.

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