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How Can You Keep Yourself Healthy During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Coronavirus is also known as Covid-19 is a pandemic, highly fatal disease, which has been spreads worldwide faster like the wind. The modern medical science has failed to stop numerous deaths caused by COVID-19. In whole world, more than 220 Million peoples are infected by Coronavirus outbreak and 46 million peoples are already died due to this. Every countries Governments, Non-Government, Voluntary organizations and many other organizations were tooks a lot of steps to control the outbreak of Covid-19. But, unluckily, no steps achieved a proper results, and the world has failed to stop massive deaths.

The people around the world were fallen under lockdown for stopping the spreading of coronavirus. We are the witness, how coronavirus makes our life so terrible in this modern time. We have faced a lot of tragic incidents after Covid-19 outbreak. People ignored their relatives who were infected with coronavirus, the dead body of covid infected patients fell here and there on road. The peoples are so scared that they did not dare to do the funeral of a dead body. Now, slowly the people of the world are going back to normal life as the outbreak of coronavirus is gradually down. Although, the outbreak of coronavirus is slow now, but this disease is not under full control. Now vaccination is going on over the whole world, but only 44.7% peoples got Covid-19 vaccine (according to worlddata). But taking covid-19 vaccine will not give you 100% protection not to be infected to this disease. Because the 100% efficacy and accuracy has not established on covid vaccine. Coronavirus often changes it’s strain, that’s why vaccine is not 100% effective. It will just increase immunity to your body to fight against the germs of coronavirus.

As, this is a viral disease, so there is no appropriate treatments of it. A lot of covid infected people became cured naturally following the WHO and other health organizations guidelines on staying home isolation. However, there are some best natural tips to do at home that can help you to keep yourself healthy during Covid-19 outbreak. If you follow these tips, i think you will be able to stay away from the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tips For You To Stay Healthy

Maintenance of Personal Hygiene

  • Maintain social distance
  • Using facial mask
  • Wash hand with hand sanitizer

Maintenance of Nutrition

  • Intake of fresh vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants containing foods and fruits in high volume.
  • Drink enough water every day
  • Drink lime-juice regularly
  • Intake of salt and sugar in a small volume
  • Eat homemade food
  • Avoid fatty foods
  • Avoid eating junk foods from the hotel, restaurants.
  • Avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol intake.
  • Regular exercise to keep the body healthy.
  • Control of overweight to prevent from heart diseases.

For the most part, healing from coronavirus depends on immunity of a body. So, in order to stay safe from coronavirus, you should follow these tips. Besides, you can take Covid vaccine to improve immunity. Although many people reported that they have suffered a lot from the side effects of Covid-19 vaccine. Many peoples were also got infected with coronavirus and dying too after taking the vaccine. However, we have no other choices than this until the arise of the treatment of coronavirus.

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