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How Natural Healthy Foods Help You Burning Fat- You Should Know

Boosting your metabolic rate can help you lose body fat.

However, most “fat-burning” supplements on the market are either unsafe, ineffective or both.

Fortunately, several natural foods and beverages have been shown to increase your metabolism and promote fat loss.

1. Carrot – neutralizes gastric acids, which make hunger unbearable.

2. Citrus fruit – rich in vitamin C, citrus helps to eliminate toxins.

3. Cabbage – is very poor in calories, has about 25 grams calorie /100

4. Apples – contain pectin, which is found in most fresh fruit in the forest. Experts say that pectin limits the amount of fats that cells can absorb. An apple a day helps you remove unwanted fat.

5. Fibers – Reduce fat deposits. Found in grain and bran, raw vegetables, roots. Once they come in digestive system, the fibers absorb liquids.

6. Tomatoes – are rich in vitamin C and oxalic acid. They help to “wash” and remove fat.

7. Onions – Like garlic and oils are mineral that will help you to fight with fat

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