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How to Approach Injuries Resulting From Auto Accidents

You’re among millions of other victims if you have experienced a sports or car accident and experienced lingering pain. Unfortunately, injuries from such accidents can result in chronic conditions if not treated early. Dr. Jay M. Shah and his team at SamWell Institute for Pain Management use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat auto injuries Colonia, restoring optimal mobility.

Painful conditions resulting from an auto accident

Auto accidents can result in several injuries, but as you heal, the pain and discomfort subside over time. However, an auto accident makes you more likely to experience painful symptoms in your knees, back, and hips. You may experience the pain immediately after the accident, or it may take some time before it sets in. This excruciating pain can be debilitating, interfering with your mobility and quality of life in the long run. If you experience painful symptoms that deteriorate over time, consult your most trusted pain specialist at SamWell Institute for Pain Management.

Symptoms associated with pain from an auto accident

Auto accidents can trigger several injuries, meaning your symptoms will rely on the injury you acquire. Signs you’re likely to notice following an auto accident include pain in the affected area, reduced mobility, muscle strain, and pain in other parts of your body. If you experience debilitating pain following a crash, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention to prevent future complications.

What you should know about a whiplash

Whiplash is an injury resulting from forceful, brisk back-and-forth movement of your neck, similar to cracking a whip. It is more prevalent in people who have experienced a rear-end accident. However, whiplash can also be due to falls, physical abuse, or sports accidents. You can also refer to whiplash as neck strain or sprain. Most patients with whiplash often recuperate after a few weeks of exercise and pain medication. But some patients may develop chronic pain and other complications that may require management treatments for the rest of their lives.

The signature symptoms of whiplash include dizziness, neck stiffness, pain, numbness or tingling in your arms, stiffness and limited range of motion, headaches, and fatigue. Some individuals also complain of depression, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems. If you experience whiplash symptoms following a sports injury or car accident, it is crucial to seek prompt medical attention.

Available treatment options

If you acquire specific injuries from an auto accident, resting and over-the-counter pain medications may alleviate your symptoms. However, suppose the pain doesn’t go away after some time. In that case, The SamWell Institute for Pain Management may recommend massage, interventional pain-relieving procedures, physical therapy, and medication. If these treatments fail, your physician may suggest a surgical intervention to correct the problem. Even if you don’t experience pain following a car accident or sports injury, inform your doctor for a thorough physical exam to prevent future complications.

Don’t tolerate pain that doesn’t respond to pain relievers when you can call the SamWell Institute for Pain Management or schedule an appointment online today for comprehensive care.

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