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How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

50 % of women have difficulties in thinking clearly, in memorizing, and other cognitive ability as stated by neurologist in Well Medical College of Corner University in New York City. You may think that it is a big problem that difficult to solve. Fortunately, there are several easy steps that can optimize your memory and concentration.

Always Forget Appointment

The common symptom of this problem is muscle pain. A study in Keeley University, England shows that muscle pain is related to perspective memory. It is assumed that the pain encourages dangerous respond of your brain, so that your memory of the next occasion is disappeared. It makes you forget to pay your account, follow the deadline work, or other appointments.

If you get this problem, it is better for you to have more magnesium. This essential mineral reduces the respond of muscle pain, so that your brain can focus again to some postponed occasion. The best source of magnesium is chocolate, vegetable, nut, and seafood. If 2 portions of them are not sufficient to reduce the symptom, Shari Lieberman, professor of nutrition in University of Bridgeport, suggest having 400 – 700 mg magnesium supplement per day. However, you need to consult it first to your doctor.

You may also try to have some certain trick to reduce the symptom like making warning sigh for your job. You can prepare empty bottle to remind you the time to buy doctor receipt. This cognitive trick may replay your loosed memory.

Difficult to Find Exact Word

Neurotransmitter acetylcholine controls the speed of brain cell function. More supply, easier to remember you will be. But, studies in Cornell University show that this output acetylcholine is disturbed by insomnia, irregular sleeping time and other sleeping problem. The effect is you are difficult to give correct information, impulsive behavior, and mental tired.

If you are one of people with this problem, you need increase phosphatidylserine intake that can be found in vegetable, soy bean, and rice. It is changed into acetylcholine in your brain. Having 300 – 500 mg of supplement everyday can adjust the lack of acetylcholine in 12 months and repair 15 % of your memorizing capability.

There are trick you can do to reduce this problem. Move your hand while speaking may help you to remember some word you have said faster than keep your hand quite. Your hand movement temporarily stimulates your brain cell; fasten the working system even when the acetylcholine is decreased.

Forget Where You Put Your Key.

Your habit makes your brain set the temporal lobes from low to automatic. It makes you totally forget where you put your key or where you park your car.

The best way you can do is by changing your plan like face new challenge with medium level of difficulty, playing bridge or pass different way from your house. It will increase your nerve activity in temporal lobes. The other study in Rush University Medical Center, Chicago found that spare 15 minutes of your time to do several new activities may reduce 48 % risk of low memory problem.

In addition, you need to consume Krill Oil derived from the extract of sea animal containing a lot of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) kind of substance to build new temporal lobe neuron. 500 mg per day can increase the way you think unto 10 % more as reported by University of Guelph. Do not forget to have consultation before having the supplement.

Difficult to Focus

Some studies show that neurotransmitter dopamine can be decreased if you decrease protein supply. Dr. Amen explains that dopamine stimulates the center of nerve system keeping brain to focus.

The solution for this problem is by having meat or chicken as the natural source of protein containing tyrosine and phenylalanine. A medical specialist, Eric R Braver man MD says that this amino acid is the important precursor for dopamine. It can increase your dopamine supply in 2 weeks for 3 on a day.

You may have special massage to increase brain ability 50% to focus. Massage can throw Cortisol Hormone giving signal to your brain to produce dopamine.

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