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How to Lose Weight While Stuck at a Computer All Day

Do you have a job as a computer animator and find yourself stuck at the computer all day long? Do you struggle with weight issues and are currently trying to lose weight? The two statements seem to be at odds with one another — after all, being stuck at a computer all day signals that you can’t be active, or can you? We’ve got some great tips that can help you lose weight while stuck at the computer all day, whether you are a computer animator or you have another computer-based job.

Watch What You Snack On

The first tip is to be mindful of what you eat and drink while at your computer. It’s very common to have a drink on the go all day but make sure it’s a healthy option like water. Other beverages like coffee, soft drinks, juice and energy drinks can contain high amounts of sugar, which will contribute to weight gain, not loss.

Snacking is also common, especially easy-to-eat quick foods that can be enjoyed while you work. Again, be mindful of ingredients. The best snacks are those that contain healthy nutrients, are low in sugar, high in protein and low in fat. Some great examples include:

  • Yogurt with fresh berries
  • Mixed nuts
  • Fresh vegetables and hummus
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Low-fat cottage cheese

Use a Standing Desk

A very popular trend at the moment right now is to use a standing desk. The idea is that the desk can change elevations so you can sit at it like a traditional desk or raise the height so you can stand while working. Standing desks are great for burning calories, improving circulation, and reducing lower back pain. They can also improve your posture and help lower blood sugar levels. They essentially provide you with a low-impact workout all day long while you stand.

If you’re feeling particularly motivated you may even wish to place a backless treadmill on the floor under the desk so you can walk while working. This takes a lot more energy and coordination, but you’ll get even better results. Just be sure to purchase a slim-lined desktop so you’ve got more than enough room for the treadmill to be placed under the desk. Something like these Lenovo desktop computers for animation takes up minimal space since the towers are sleek.

Be Active on Your Lunch Break

If you’re used to heading to the breakroom for lunch each day, or maybe out to a fast-food restaurant, it’s time to break that cycle. Try using your lunch as an opportunity to be physically active. You could go for a walk, use the stairwell for cardio, lift hand weights at your desk and just get up and move. If you work remotely in your home, your lunchtime exercise options will increase significantly. Being active at lunch means you will also want to pack your own food so that you aren’t trying to squeeze a trip to a restaurant or fast-food joint in the 30 minutes.

While it may seem like being stuck at your computer all day won’t help with weight loss, the reality is you just have to get creative in how you approach your set-up and your daily habits.

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