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How to Make Your Children Do Their Homework

Sometimes, it is hard to ask your children to finish their home work. Actually, you do not have to force them to do homework. You just try to apply these following ways to make them easy to start doing the homework:

Prepare the Schedule

Your children need routines every day, so that decide the time for doing homework together with reviewing their lesson. This may prevent your children not to leave their homework or say no homework at all.

Start with Snack

Basically, children can not focus in hungry condition, so that prepare some slices of Turkey with tyrosine increasing your energy, Blueberry helping your memory or nuts containing a lot of magnesium reducing stress.

Use Light Room

It is better to choose place with window for your children to do their homework. It will help your children to control their concentration. A study shows that student’s concentration can increase if they sit beside the window. If your children do homework at night, do not forget to use light lamp to help their concentration.

Listening to Music

Recent studies show that listening to music can help your children to study. Psychologist says that their favorite music can be “white Noise” that stays other interference. One important thing making your care of their school is your own attitude. By controlling their homework, it means that you appreciate and think how important school is.

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