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How to Remove Dark Spot on Face and Make You Beautiful

Spot, generally called stain, can reduce the esthetic of face indeed. The color also various like chocolate, dark, and red. This skin problem is medically called hyper pigmentation caused by melanin accumulation under the skin.

This problem is little bit hard and all people have the possibility to have it. Moreover, a study shows that 90 % of woman have spot problem on their face. There are various kinds of spot appear on face:



Freckle is dark spot on face having flat shape spreading in all part of face. If you once saw Alex Monday in Charles Angles acted by Lucy Liu, you would know how freckle is like.


Chocolate flat area with circle edge is the form of bigger freckles which is called lentigines.


Melasma is a kind of red-black spot or stain that may appear wherever part of your body covered by epidermis. If it is not recovered quickly, it may reach into dermis side.

Café Au Laity Macules (CALM)

This is kind of flat spot spreading around face. It usually has lighter color than the whole basic skin color.


This kind of problem is similar to freckle. This chocolate spot can spread wider and wider, but it is still on the surface of skin.


Spot problem can appear in all age, kid, teenage, or adult. There are various causes of spot or stain.

Sun Light

Ultraviolet light can stimulate melanosis producing melanin. So, people often get sun light have more spot on their face.


Some certain kind of skin will get allergy to some specific cosmetic products. When skin gets red and itch, it means that it gets inflammation. Usually it leaves dark spot on face. So, if you are not be careful in selecting cosmetic and do not apply right treatment, your face will get spot.


It is not only wrong cosmetic causing spot, but also scar and acne, especially if the acne is crushed.


The production of melanin may increase hormone production in your body. So, woman joins hormonal KB program like tablet or capsule usually have stain or spot in their face.


It is a common problem that everyone may have. People above 40 years old have elasticity and collagen product reduction, so that the regeneration of skin walks slowly. One spot in this age will be easy to spread.


Based on some research, Asian skin is easier to get stain and spot because the number and the size of melanosis is bigger and much more.


In order not to make your skin in spot and not to make you unconfident, it is better to have skin treatment as soon as possible. Below are some tricks you can try to reduce spot on your face:

Cream Program

This is the simplest way to erase spot from your face because you may do it by yourself. However, not all spot can be cleaned by cream. Cream is just able to blur spot that is still on the surface. There are three processes of cream treatment, first recovery, maintenance, and conditioning.

Chemical Peeling

Basically peeling is piling process to stimulate epidermis growth. Skin is dynamic organ that always growth every time. Every day, skin cell separated and peeling process make the process faster. Chemical peeling contains chemical substance that can dry your surface skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cell. The common chemical substance used is carbolic acid (phenol). However, you are not allowed to do it alone, you have to consult it to your doctor.

Chemical peeling needs 20 – 30 minutes at least four times to get best result. If you are under 35, do it once or twice a week.

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