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If You Want to Keep Your Body Healthy Eat Raw Food Diet

raw food diet is simply eating foods in their natural state. Fruits and vegetables are the main staple of this type of diet. Cooking foods destroys much of the nutrient value in food. Even broccoli, the miracle food, becomes less healthy the longer it cooks.

Switching to a raw food diet is not easy. It is a total change in lifestyle for most people. Although difficult, the healthy food that you will be consuming creates a quick and positive change in the body. One of the top weight loss tips is always to eat more fruits and vegetables. When weigh loss experts give this tip they are not talking about processed foods but fresh produce. This is a low calorie, nutrient dense and great new way to eat.

Most pre-made diet food does not taste great. Frozen “low-calories” dinners are less than appetizing and diet bars are mostly wheat. Neither is good for people who need a particular diet. The gluten free diet is a perfect example. People who need to eliminate gluten from their diet have a tough time. There is simply too much processed wheat flour in most foods that people eat. One way to eliminate the guesswork is to switch to a strict raw food diet.

Although many proponents of the raw food diet go to the extreme, you might want to ease your way into the program. Eliminating bread, cooked meat and canned vegetables takes you most of the way to an acceptable raw food diet plan. A good place to start is creating your own smoothie recipes. Blend your favorite fruits together to make a fun and flavorful treat while skipping those bad for you soft drinks and processed juices.

The raw food diet is a fantastic way to lose weight and get healthy. There is no need to count calories or add up vitamins. Everything that the body needs you can provide by eating raw foods

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