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IFun TV | iFunTv | Popular Streaming Television Channel Review

IFun TV is a popular Chinese online based streaming television service which broadcasts movies, drama, cartoons, TV shows etc in online. People can watch various movies, TV serials, dramas, cartoons, TV programs on There are more than 70+ popular TV channels are broadcasted on i fun tv channel in online. In order to watch these programs on ifuntv, you just need a subscription, and it is a small amount. By purchasing their subscription package, you will watch world’s popular TV channels programs on ifun tv. Also, you will be able to watch world’s a lot of movie channels of different countries from ifuntv, mainly USA based channels.

Here is a list of some popular TV channels which are available on ifun tv

USA Network TV: You can watch Psych, Royal Pains and Burn Notice Monk etc TV shows.

VH1 TV: This channel broadcasts Sober House, Brooke Knows Best etc popular shows.

Tubi TV: They broadcasts licensed contents from different productions.

TheWB TV: They featured many old and new popular shows like Buffy, Therefore the lake, Babylon 5, Smallvillie, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Firefly etc.

TheCW TV: They featured their own shows like America’s Top Model, Melrose Place, 90210, Gossip Girl etc.

TBS TV: TBS Tv featured My boys, Family guy, 10 Items or less, Seinfeld etc shows.

Spike TV: It featured TNA Impact, James may be a dead man, Manswers, Pros vs Joes etc shows.

NBC TV: This channel featured a lot of popular TV shows like Heroes, America’s Got Talent, Saturday Night, The Office, Law and Orders and many old classic shows.

Fox TV: You can watch a lot of popular TV shows like The Simpsons, Hell’s Kitchen, American Idol etc.

MTV: America’s best dance crew, The hills, Punk’d and far more program you can watch here.

Discovery Channel: You can watch many popular shows like Man vs Wild, Verminators, The Colony etc on discovery channel.

ABC TV: This channel features a lot of popular shows like Extreme Makeover, Lost, Dancing with Celebs, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Desperate housewives etc.

A&E TV: You can watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, Obsessed, The cleaner, Intervention etc popular shows here.

Emol TV: You can watch many popular movies, music videos, Tv shows as they have a great collection of these.

Puffer TV: This is a great media that allowed peoples to watch programs from PBS, ABC, CBS, CW and NBC TV channels.

Hulu TV: This one is a great place for watching Legal TV shows, Movies, Trailers of USA.

Joost TV: They have a wide collection of old classic cartoon series and Transformers, Popeye, He-Man, Albert etc shows.

There are more TV channels are available to watch online on ifuntv. You can also watch Disney channels here.

As, ifun tv is one of the most popular streaming platform, sometimes this platform goes down due to maintenance issues, satellite problems and other unknown reasons. Although ifuntv is a Chinese based media but it allows users to watch these programs outside of china too. It is a great place for all ages peoples as they offers huge programs in different categories so that everyone can find programs on which they’re looking for. They also offers Android/IOS apps to watch programs through Mobile/Tablet devices. So, it is very easy to watch programs on ifuntv than others.

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Unfortunately, the administrative teams now closed ifun channel and stopped to provide their great service. We hope that, they will be back again in service soon.

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