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Important Natural Ingredient For Skin Care

Science has explored the secrete advantage of natural substance that has been known by most people. These are some important ingredient that is necessary for health.


Since many years ago, calcium is famous substance containing in a glass of milk, not as skin treatment ingredient. In fact, calcium contains in skin epidermis layer that functions to control oil and fat amount in skin. So, it is important to keep high calcium amount because it can slow photo-aging process.

However, the amount of calcium containing in skin is limited, we have to prevent photo-aging effect as soon as possible. If you have dry skin type, moisturize it with lotion containing calcium. In spite of giving positive effect for body, it also helps collagen and protein in building DNA and RNA.


Ginseng is more famous as remedy to increase body stamina. However, ginseng actually is very useful to repair skin condition and skin health. Basically, organic ginseng can be used as basic skin treatment for face skin treatment.

It will be combined to some other herbal oil, butter, and some other natural substance. The extract of ginseng can be used to keep skin health and return skin quality. It can be found in some skin cares like cleanser, ginseng tonic, lotion, and cream. It is able to refresh face skin and very suitable for dry skin, tired skin, and flabby skin.

White Tea

Stress can make skin flabby and pallid and broken skin cell. In this condition, you can try to use skin product containing white tea ingredient. There are two kinds of tea containing anti-oxidant like green tea or white tea.

Besides, white tea is also famous drink and it has been used to prevent photo-aging. The extract of white tea comes from camellia synesis containing polyphenol, catechin, catechol, and flavanol. All of those components are strong anti-oxidant that is able to keep skin immunity system and prevent skin from sun light radiation.


Moringa comes from moringa oleyfera species growing in India and Himalaya. This kind of plant can grow fast, so that can be one solution to solve starving problem. It is famous as plant with million advantages containing various nutrition’s like potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, C, and E to protect skin from damage. Right now, t is hard to find fresh air without pollution. So, free radical can stimulacne, skin irritation, rosaceous, and even skin cancer. In this condition, skin care product with Moringa as basic ingredient can be used to heal some skin problems.


Rice including white, brown, and black can be used as beauty product. Rice flour has relatively neutral pH and can be used as good skin treatment. Black rice is believed contains peptide functioning as anti-oxidant reducing soft wrinkle. Then, brown rice can balance more oil production. Besides, husk of white rice contains ferulae functioning as anti-oxidant that protects skin from pollution, peroxide, and free radical. So, soak rice for a while and use the water to wash face skin.

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