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Improve Your Comfort Through Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Some things appear uncommon, especially when you tell somebody that your toes are in pain. Besides having an unfitting pair of shoes, you can also have a problem with ingrown toenails, which may make you feel uncomfortable and experience much pain. You may experience swollen skin around the nail, an indication that there is growth forming. This may progress and become infected at some point. The skin around the toe is soft and fragile, therefore vulnerable to damage by the growing nail. However, the ingrown toenail Bakersfield specialist at Diabetic Foot and Wound Center has a remedy for your problem. They have experience addressing ingrown toenails that may be a nuisance to your daily lifestyle. Here is more information about ingrown toenails you must know.

Your Shoes Can Cause Ingrown Toenail

Your toes require flexibility and room to wiggle to avoid developing an ingrown toenail. When you wear the right shoe that presses your toes, you must be uncomfortable while walking. You will experience pain since you are subjecting your toes to pressure, and there is no room for stretching. Also, if the shoe size is big, forcing your toes to slide back and forth, you may experience pain and discomfort, making your toes curve, eventually leading to ingrown toenails. You must therefore wear ideal shoes which give you comfort and stability.

Ingrown Toenails May Be Hereditary

Some people cut their nails perfectly and wear comfortable shoes that fit well without affecting the toes but still experience ingrown toenails. This may not be your fault but a thing to do with genetics. Some people experience curved toenails naturally without any trigger. If you have toes longer than the average size, that can also be a major trigger for your ingrown toenail. The remedy is to remove the problematic toenail to prevent the problem from escalating.

Do Not Treat Your Ingrown Toenail  Yourself

People tend to try home treatment methods to treat their problems. Some dig into their ingrown toenails, trying to remove the growing part. This will only worsen your condition since you tamper with inflamed skin, which may cause more pain. You can end up causing more harm than good since you will expose your toe to infection. You only do it under the guidance of a specialist who will direct you on the best way to handle the problem. You must exercise caution while extracting the extra growth by using the recommended tools to prevent any additional problems.

Nail Trimming Can Cause Ingrown Toenails

How you trim your nails matters since that may contribute to your nails’ curving. There is a special way in which you must trim your nails to prevent this problem. You must cut your nails straight to prevent them from growing by the side and encourage forward growth. You should also not cut your nails too short so as not to interfere with normal nail growth.

Good nails are appealing, and many people showcase their beauty through nails. Here are those who prefer shorts while others prefer long ones. However, how you maintain your nails and the lifestyle you choose matters. You should avoid incidences and triggers that may result in ingrown toenails. However, the Diabetic Foot and Wound Center team has experience in dealing with ingrown toenails, ensuring you live a comfortable life. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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