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Iqiyi – The Best Streaming Platform to Watch Asian Dramas, Movies, Animes for Free

Iqiyi is one of the largest and most popular video streaming platforms in the world that is owned by Chinese largest search engine Baidu INC. Iqiyi was founded by Baidu’s founder and CEO Gong Yu and co-founder Robin Li on 22 April 2010 with support of Providence Equity Partners, an American investment firm. Later, on 12 November 2012, Baidu acquired 100% ownership from providence equity firms.

Why IQIYI is so popular?

Iqiyi is a legal video streaming sites that allows users from all around the world to watch Asian drama, movies, anime videos in online for free. All of their contents copyrights owned by them. You can watch high quality drama, movies, anime movies, variety shows from etc contents on iqiyi for both paid and free. Iqiyi shared China, Korean, Japan, Thailand, Indonesian, Malaysia, Philippine and other asian countries drama, movies, anime movies on their website that you won’t find in other video streaming sites. Iqiyi has own productions, they produce drama serials, movies, anime videos and upload on their site for watching. They also purchase video contents from other movie/drama production companies.

Iqiyi is representing Asian cultures world-wide by sharing dramas, movies or other videos from the Asian countries. All video contents on iqiyi has subtitles for global users in English, Thai, Korean, Chinese or native subtitles so that anyone can understand languages. They also allows users to download videos from their site to watch in offline. It is reported that more than 500 million users watch videos on iqiyi per month and they spent nearly 6 billion hour time a month here. Due to it’s popularity, iqiyi is called the Netflix of china.

How to Watch Videos on Iqiyi site?

Watching videos on iqiyi is very simple. First, visit iqiyi’s official site from your mobile or computer. You will find a lot of videos of drama, movies, anime, variety shows on iqiyi homepage. Every video contents are placed on relevant categories. Or you can use search box to find the video that you want to watch. You can anonymously watch videos here but to get better experience, you should create/register an account here. Because only members can watch high resolution videos here. Paid members can watch 1080P HD Blue-ray print videos here and can download movies, dramas and animation movies on iqiyi. On free subscription, you have to watch ads many times while you watching a videos and on paid subscription there is no ads. Iqiyi has also apps to watch videos easily, you can install iqiyi app on your android or iOS devices.

What is offered by Iqiyi?

They has a wide collection of videos in every categories for all ages peoples. On drama section, you can watch romantic dramas, tragedy dramas, family dramas, horror dramas, mysterious dramas, technology dramas, science fiction dramas, funny comedy dramas, kids dramas, historical dramas, true events dramas, army mission related dramas and more. On movie section, romantic, action, horror, comedy, family, historical, army actions, technology, war, old history etc, and more movies you will find to watch. On iqiyi anime section, you can watch cartoons, anime movies, comic etc in different categories. You will find more than I mentioned here, so it is better to visit iqiyi website.

How People search for iqiyi site in online?

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