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Know About 7 Tricks That Don’t Make You Weight Loss

It was discovered that some practices diet do nothing but leave you with rolls on her stomach. But do not worry, you can fix the problem losing these habits.

Skip meals

This tactic always fails. Be hungry and eventually eat more than usual. And when you do, most of the calories will attack your abdomen. Eating small portions or medium every 3-4 hours, you will have the feeling of satiety without adding a layer of extra fat on life.

Become Vegetarian

Women often avoid foods that contain meat, fish or dairy products – milk, because they think they have more calories. Remember that these foods are actually the important proteins that help your metabolism when you fight the rolls. Opt for foods with a low calorie, low fat, such as cow’s cheese or tuna (170 grams provide three quarters of the required daily protein).

Do not eat bread

White bread makes you fat, but whole wheat bread with cereals, no! Indeed, it allows the insulin levels gradually increase, reducing the risk of gaining weight. Brown rice, oatmeal or wheat, consumed once a day, can make a difference.

Exaggerate with abdominal exercises

It is true that strengthen your muscles, but have no effect on the layer of fat from the belly. So those 50, 100 or 500 years will not let you back in when you were skinny jeans. Counts instead on cardio exercises and do not waste your time with your abs, but devotes 10 more minutes to the treadmill.

Do you drink a lot, but rarely

Alcohol contains many calories. When you drink alcohol, do not do that invite the rolls to lie quietly on your belly. If you like to drink a bit ‘of alcohol, prefer red wine: research shows that it helps to fight the annoying layer of fat.

Eat only products “light”

Do you think you a favor by choosing a low-fat yogurt, a drink without sugar or other low-calorie snacks, but you’re wrong. These versions contain, for the most part, artificial sweeteners, the researchers argue that the metabolism put on alert, causing it to store more fat.

Declares war on fat food

As paradoxical as it may sound, fatty foods help you burn calories and make you eat less. Nutritionists recommend to put a quarter of avocado on a sandwich or sprinkle the salad with olive oil and vinegar.

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