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Situations to avoid if that you care about figure Need

Very often our attention is distracted when we are eating, and that is why we tend to consume more than we need. The brain may face several things at once, but eating may mislead, as is a reflex action.

It is good to think and when you eat, not to fall in the trap of more kilograms. The following are some situations that can fool you even if you’re very careful at what eat.

Buying in bulk

Studies have shown that those who buy crackers, chips, and other thing to crunch at kilogram, tend to eat up to 48 percent more. When buying food in bulk get them out of the large bag or box and put portion in smaller bags. Do not eat from the box!

Lunch socialization

When best friend invite you to take your lunch table together must be very careful. Small gossips can distract attention and you will more eat. As more time you are sitting at a table in the restaurant so you will tend to order something new and in effect to eat more.

Extra large portion

There are often situations in which we fill the plate with all the food that we want to eat. This combination can bring kg more if it’s done frequently, because we tend to eat everything. It is best to put in your plate small portion and if necessary to take one extra portion.

You will fool the stomach thus require less. You can apply the strategy to serve only two foods at once. These situations are most harmful to your silhouette, but remember eating in front of television, plateau with crunches that you leave on the table when have guests, or emotional eating.

Reminds you every day “to eat to live but not live to eat”!

James John
I am the admin of this health and fitness blog. I completed his diploma in medical science. I loves to share my knowledge in medical science.
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