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Skin Rash And It’s Treatment – Everything You Should Know

A skin rash is a change in the skin that effects its appearance, color or texture. Skin rash can cause the skin to change its color, it may itch or the skin may blister and become painful. The skin rash may be localized or it may be universal or effects all of the body. Some times skin rash may be the symptom of a serious underlying systemic disease. At that time treatment of the underlying cause can cure the skin rash. Some of the common skin rashes are eczema skin rash (commonest of all skin rashes), psoriasis, scabies, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, seborrheic dermatitis, dermatomyositis, keratosis pylaris, pityriasis rosea rash, skin itch etc. to name a few.

Causes of skin rash includes, allergy (to foods, medicines, insect sting, dyes, metals like zinc and nickel, pollen etc.), fungal infection like ring worm etc. bacterial infection, viral infection like measles, chickenpox, small pox etc. Acne, sunburn, friction etc can also cause skin rash. Autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, pregnancy and heavy metal poisoning can cause skin rash.

What ever may be the cause the skin rash should be treated and there are many effect skin rash treatment available. Skin rash can be of short duration and usually go off by itself in few days. Some time the skin rash may be ordinary looking, but it may be very difficult to cure and it become frustrating. Some of the skin rash treatments are based on herbal products and natural products which are very effective in treating skin rashes. Herbal and natural ingredients of these skin rash creams uses tea tree oil, zinc, emu oil etc. The skin rashes should never be ignored and prompt and effective treatment should be instituted. The skin rash treatment may become frustrating if not done properly, so to avoid frustration prompt and effective treatment is the only answer.

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