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Striim 50m Series 108m Wiggersventurebeat

Now really, I mean, did this persons parents decide at a very early point in time that their child’s first name should be Striim 50m Series 108m Wiggersventurebeat Website. Were they following the celebrity nuance of naming their child a ridiculous name so they are noticed by others, or for that matter, ridiculed, bullied, targeted by others because of their name. Come on, if you have a name, use it as the author. Your name is your ticket to life.

If you don’t want to use your real name then use a ghost name, but use a name that might actually sound real, or minneapolis council aihatmakertechcrunch base your ghost writers name on your real name. Your name when writing is a direct window into who you are, your credibility, your worth so don’t, and I mean don’t submit articles written by Mr Someone Whos Name Is A Total Piece Of Crap, really.

Article Length: Every article that we delete has the same non-qualities, time after time. And this particular issues is right at the top of our list. The article length. Would believe some writers actually ilobby 100m insight aisawersventurebeat think their article will be accepted although it’s just 120 words in length, that includes the title and summary. This isn’t an article, it’s an ad. It’s a note to oneself. It’s a joke, really.

Any article worth it’s salt will have a length of at least 400 words or more. Now there’s an article, not github 16m series 100msawersventurebeat an ad, note or summary. If you are a writer with some knowledge or experience in something or another you will write about it, thoroughly, not just throw a few choice words together and hope you have a chance of gaining readers respect or even attention.

Research if you have to, but give your article a reason to be accepted and always write 400-2000 words of striim series 108m wiggersventurebeat real, practical terminologies that readers will understand and relate to. If not, your destined for the deleted scrap heap, which contains thousands of miss-guided, self supporting fools that will not ever see the light of article marketing daylight.

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