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The 5 Most Effective Hip Pain Remedies

Hip pain can result from natural wear-and-tear, overuse injuries, and arthritis, to mention a few. No matter the reason, you can agree that pain can significantly affect one’s quality of life, and all that matters is finding relief. Working with medical professionals like Peter Wenger MD, is the easiest way to find the best way to overcome your discomfort. Remember that an accurate diagnosis is critical in determining the right path to pain relief, and a hip pain expert can help. Here are some hip pain remedies found more effective in delivering relief.


Anti-inflammatory medications have been found effective in relieving mild to moderate hip pain. The medications are available from the local stores or pharmacies, but it would be better to consult your doctor before taking them. Also, it would be better to strictly follow your doctor’s or pharmacist’s guidelines to minimize the side effects. The medications can reduce muscle and joint pain by decreasing inflammation. Talk to your doctor if the pain persists. They can prescribe stronger painkillers or proceed to other alternatives.


Rest can give some hip pain relief, especially if your pain is worse with movement. Take some time off your activities or work and relax on the couch. Although resting seems simple and obvious, it does not hit some people to take a break. Also, it does not mean you completely remain inactive. All you need is to go easy on your hip by limiting your activities and taking time to rest. Remember that staying still for long periods can make your hip stiff, adding more trouble to your situation. Try to move and change positions and stretch while you rest.

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Resting is important for hip pain relief, but you will have to keep moving when initial discomfort subsidizes. Exercise has many awesome health benefits, including hip pain relief. However, some exercises can also worsen your situation. Therefore, consult your doctor or physical therapist to understand the right activities and exercises to help you feel better. Major in exercises that can strengthen your hip muscles without straining. You can do yoga or walk on a treadmill for several minutes. You can also do some aerobic exercises or take a walk for a short distance regularly.

Apply Compression

Pain caused by overuse injuries can be easily managed through compression. You can get a compression bandage from the local stores and warp your hip to apply mild pressure. You can also get an ace bandage or most sports wraps, provided they will not apply excess pressure on your hip. Compression improves blood flow to the painful muscles by helping them recover faster. In most cases, compression works well only for acute hip pain. That is why you better get a diagnosis first to understand your pain’s nature.


Surgery is the last option for hip pain management after conservative, and other options fail to deliver pain relief. Your doctor can also recommend surgery right away when the cause of your pain requires surgical intervention to correct it. Replacement or repair surgery can be necessary, or you must endure hip pain for a long time. Also, surgery can be necessary to remove spurs.

The remedies for hip pain are numerous. You first need to understand the nature of your pain to know which treatment will work for you most. Get in touch with Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, P.C. specialist for help.

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