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The Best Nurse Midwife and Doula in New York

Conceiving and carrying pregnancy comes with uncertainties that only a professional medical service provider can address. When your due date nears, you have mixed feelings about how the birth process will go. After you welcome your bundle of joy, you begin a journey and need support. A certified nurse midwife Jackson Heights, NY, walks with you from conception to some few months after delivery to ensure you remain calm, comfortable, and informed. Rachel Cohen wears many hats that help her care for the diverse needs of childbearing women. She is a nurse-midwife, doula, and registered nurse. Here you will learn about the critical role played by a nurse-midwife and doula. 

If you are pregnant and are looking for someone to support you during delivery, you can contact a nurse-midwife who is also a doula. Women often walk the pregnancy journey alone because their partners are absent or because of busy schedules. Thus when it comes to delivery, they feel alone and might want someone to be with them even though they are not part of the family. The doula will rub your back, massage you, and assist you with breathing. Statistics show that women who have a doula during delivery have increased physical comfort, which minimizes the use of pain medication.

  • Emotional Support 

Some women struggle throughout pregnancy because of the existence of complications. The doula walks with you in case of a problematic pregnancy and offers you emotional support. You will receive assurances that will uplift your spirits and further help you increase your resilience. Additionally, you will have someone you can talk to and get the encouragement you need to overcome the unpleasant emotions that exist because of the hormones. 

  • Education 

Today, society has changed so much that young women live far apart from their parents. You can be pregnant, and the only information resource you have is google which cannot equate to information from a qualified and experienced medical professional. Consequently, a doula comes in to educate you on what you need to know and expect during pregnancy, birth, and post-natal. The doula answers all questions you might have and explains to you the different procedures involved during childbirth. When you have the information, you will collaborate with the healthcare providers to minimize complications during delivery. 

  • A Rapport Between You, Other Cadres, and Family

During pregnancy and childbirth, you require services from different cadres. The doula acts as an essential link between you and the medical professionals. For instance, they communicate your concerns and medical history since they have walked with you during the pregnancy. The doula also shares your pregnancy and birth progress with your family members. 

The birth process has evolved, and today, the role of a doula has become relevant. Raveco Medical in Queens, New York, has the best doula and nurse-midwife working with a team of reproductive health experts to ensure you deliver within minimal complications. Therefore, if you are pregnant and looking for the best services within New York, the facility is highly recommended. Visit their website and book your appointment today.

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