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The Link Between Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Your Mental Health

There are many studies that proved diet is directly linked to a person’s overall health and surely you have read it in magazines and articles. You have also watched features, news and documentaries about the effects of diet to one’s health.

Starting from the late 60s when the United States shifted from eating organic food and fresh produce to processed foods that are rich in saturated fat, sugar and salt, the percentage of overweight people and obesity has gone up. This means that more and more Americans are going for an unhealthy diet which increases the number of people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart ailments.

It is also a result of the fast food culture of the US that’s why more and more people are becoming overweight and lacking the essential daily nutrients they need to function normally. Healthy eating starts with learning new ways of eating and cooking. It can be by adding more vegetables, fruits, fish, seafoods and whole grain into your daily or weekly diet or by cutting back foods that are rich in fat, sugar. It will help boost the body’s metabolism that will result to efficiently convert food to energy. Healthy eating can also prevent or minimize the development type 2 diabetes, certain kinds of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Healthy eating is not just a diet. It also means making the necessary changes that you need to do to enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet is just temporary and one part of the whole change. Eating a healthy and balanced variety of foods is way better and if you combine it with physical activity. You can start by making these simple changes: Don’t try to change everything at once. Set an easy achievable goal like adding fruits or salad to your daily diet. Making long term goals like adding fish or a vegetarian diet once a week. Adding Fish And Vegetables To Your Diet. There have been many studies that linked fish and green leafy vegetables to overall health and normal mental functions.

Omega-3 fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties that help in minimizing chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. It also alleviates the symptoms of dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses. The Omega fatty acid is a good fat that comes in three different forms: ALA or alpha-linolenic acid – plants and plant oil sources. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid – marine and animal sources EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid – marine, animal and plant sources. The importance of these polyunsaturated fats become noticeable.

People with low levels of omega-3 in their bloodstream will increase their chances of developing the diseases and illnesses mentioned above. The essential fact is the key in the proper function of the two brain chemical signaling system known as serotonin and dopamine which are linked to depression, addiction, ADHD and dementia. The essential fat is also responsible for boosting levels of the anti-oxidant glutathione that protects the brain from oxidative stress.

The polyunsaturated fat EPA has been found to minimize the harmful effects or neurological and psychiatric drugs. Because of this, experts have suggested omega-3 as an alternative to Prozac as a health supplement alongside the prescribed drugs. According to Therese McGoldrick, Head Of Service In The Behavioral Psychotherapy Unit at Fort Valley Health Board that the evidence is clear that higher levels of EPA and DHA, the better the advantages for mental health.

It helps in stabilizing mood swings and people suffering from mental disorders will have a better chance of having normal lives. If possible, take on the natural route of enhancing your diet with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other minerals. The effects may not be immediate but it will show as you progress.

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