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The Numerous Reasons to Opt-in for an Invisalign Treatment

Are you planning to opt-in for orthodontic treatment to get your teeth straightened? If yes, chances are you will most likely opt-in for the conventional metal braces or an Invisalign. Everyone knows that an Invisalign works well, but can it be as effective as a metal brace? Can the clear aligners live up to the hype created around them? 

If you are having these questions in your mind, this article can help you decide better. Here are a few benefits of Invisalign that you can consider before making the final choice:

You can eat and drink all you want

When you are on the conventional metal brace, you can’t eat certain kinds of food. You will have to say no to popcorn, gums, caramel, and chewy candies. Also, it would help if you stayed away from hard nuts and even steak. If you wish to have apples, you need to cut them into small pieces. The same holds true for carrots and other vegetables and hard fruits. The hard foods can result in the brackets breaking away from the teeth when you bite them.

On the other hand, chewy food can quickly get stuck on your teeth and around the wires and brackets. However, when you opt for an Invisalign treatment, you don’t have to worry about foods you can’t eat. You can take out the aligner trays before you have anything and place it back once you are done with eating. To know more, finding your local Oyster Bay dentist is a good decision. 

It is almost invisible

Before the clear aligners became popular, several people were interested in getting their teeth straightened. But not all wanted to opt in for the conventional metal brace. People don’t want others to know that they are in orthodontic treatment. Most people were not comfortable with this disclosure and hence didn’t opt-in for a metal brace. However, when you look at Invisalign, it is a perfect game-changer for all who require orthodontic treatment. No one will know whether you are wearing anything or not. These aligners are made using clear, thin plastic trays that are highly visible. So, you can have the beautiful smile that you always wanted. Invisalign proves to be more discreet than any other choice in the market. 

Oral hygiene is essential

Several people wore conventional metal braces and witnessed an unwanted surprise the moment they took them away. Some people faced teeth stains as well. And in a worst-case scenario, people had gingivitis or cavities, resulting in several gum diseases. This is because metal braces can result in bad oral hygiene. When you wear conventional braces, brushing and flossing can become highly difficult. It would help if you got highly careful about flossing, and when you brush, you might be able only to clean the teeth surface. It would help if you had ample time and patience for that. 

However, when you opt-in for Invisalign, your oral hygiene is not challenging at all. You can remove the plastic aligners and brush and floss your teeth. Also, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush and soak it in a cleaning solution to clean the clear aligners. Using it won’t pose any dangers to your dental health. 

There won’t be any orthodontic emergencies

There are times when conventional braces result in a few orthodontic emergencies. You have the option to reduce this risk by abiding by the orthodontist’s instructions regarding the foods to avoid. However, several patients can even witness a broken bracket during the treatment. Trying to find the time to manage it can prove to be highly inconvenient. However, if you keep on going without replacing it can prolong the total treatment time. However, the Invisalign aligners are very strong. You don’t need to think about breaking them. Hence, there are no emergency visits to the dentist’s office. 

It is comfortable

Several of the patients used metal braces when they were young. But most of them are shifting to the Invisalign treatment as their teeth gradually moved away from alignment all through the years. The patients who have witnessed many orthodontic treatments are often happy about how an Invisalign works compared to the metal braces. These clear trays are made using smooth plastic that can snugly fit against the teeth compared to the obtrusive metal brackets. You don’t have any wires poking the soft tissues and the cheek. Also, you don’t need to opt-in for any painful wire tightening after every four weeks. You need to switch the aligners by yourself every two weeks. 

You have the option to remove the aligners

Since the Invisalign aligners are highly invisible, you don’t have to remove them. There are times when patients have specific events that they want to attend and do not wear the aligners. When you are on the Invisalign treatment, removing the aligners for a couple of hours is never a problem. The objective is to keep the aligners for about 20 hours a day. It will ensure that your treatment is on track. It would help if you didn’t forget to include the time that you’ve spent brushing and eating as you calculate the number. 

It gets covered by an increasing number of dental insurance plans.

At a point in time, when Invisalign used to be a new orthodontic treatment, it didn’t get a dental insurance cover. While many don’t cover the Invisalign aligner, the plans are increasing with every passing day. It would help if you asked the benefits manager at work, or you can call the dental insurance provider to check whether the Invisalign gets covered by your plan or not. There are a few situations where health insurance can cover orthodontic treatment instead of dental insurance. 

In case your insurance plans don’t cover the Invisalign, you might want to use the HSA or FSA funds for the treatment cost. Today, expert dental clinics provide preferred rate plans and corporate rates that enable you to save on Invisalign and other dental services

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