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The Treatment Options for Fractures

Bone fractures happen frequently, and recovery may take a while. Dr. John Huffman Arlington can be your first choice when you break a bone and start to experience swelling and pain. The doctor will recommend several procedures to help repair your broken bone so that you can move around as soon as possible. The treatments will help stabilize your broken bone, allowing you to heal. There are several benefits to every treatment procedure, and if you are not sure of any, consult with your doctor.


Depending on what your doctor recommends, immobilization involves procedures that aim to hold the joints and bones back in place using a splint, brace, and cast. The immobilization tools support the broken bones causing the fracture. The supportive tools restrict motion to your injured bone, thus allowing it to heal by reducing muscle spasms, pain, and swelling. During your treatment, your doctor aligns the broken bones and then puts a cast on them to help them rejoin by healing naturally. Your doctor will customize the casts and splints to fit you specifically. Slings and braces are also part of the immobilization treatment. Your doctor can use them to support and align them after an injury.


You can undergo joint replacement surgery to repair a damaged joint using an artificial joint made from ceramic. Your doctor may especially recommend joint replacement surgery if you have swelling that does not go away with medication and stiffness that hinders your daily performance. You can also get this surgery if joint pains are not improving with physical therapy, immobilization treatments, medications, or conservative treatment options. After the procedure, your doctor can recommend a few cautionary steps to help your recovery.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting may be necessary if your bones refuse to heal after you develop a fracture. The procedure improves the natural healing process of your bones by stimulating tissue growth, thus restoring your strength. Different bone graft procedures may include allograft, which uses donor tissue to allow healthy bone tissue to grow. You can also benefit from an autograft your doctor obtains from the hip bone. Using your bone tissue can significantly improve your chances of a fruitful fusion. You may experience pain at the collection site of the bone graft. Bone marrow aspirate can also work with other bone grafts, especially the allograft procedure, to improve the healing ability of your bones. Lastly, your doctor can use a synthetic graft from artificial materials to support your bones.

Closed Reduction

The procedure involves reducing the broken bone allowing it to grow better without cutting your skin. The procedure’s effectiveness may depend on how soon you get treatment after you develop a broken bone. There are several benefits of a closed reduction procedure, including reduced swelling and pain, lowering your risk of infections, improving your limb functioning, and allowing for quick bone recovery.

You should visit your healthcare providers at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists if you have a bone fracture causing you discomfort. The team will help you regain mobility as you continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle. You can always discuss with your doctor your expectations before treatment. Book an online consultation at the facility’s website.

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