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Top 3 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits You Must Should Avoid

The answer to leading a happy, successful, and healthy life is in the lifestyle that people choose to follow.

The best ways for saving money on health care is to remain healthy as much as possible.

Remaining healthier is solely up to every individual.

There are several actions that people may or may not take which can accurately predict not only their future health care costs but to a larger extent, how happy, successful, and healthy they will be in future.

If people find themselves on a path toward an unhappy, unhealthy, and stressed lifestyle, only Change can begin to harvest the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The studies show that the following three lifestyle choices that are contributing collectively in over 50 % of all the deaths. This means that people are more in the control of their life (& death) than they think.


Smoking the cigarettes, cigars, or pipes are one of the most horrible things people can do for their health. It not only increases their chances of developing lung cancer or emphysema, it also contribute to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

The Center for the Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) said that cigarette smoking is the main cause for around 151,322 cancer deaths per year in the U.S. In most of these deaths, approximately 116,920, died primarily from lung cancer due to smoking.

The CDC also said that the men that smoke are about 22 times more to die from the lung cancers than the non-smokers, while women that smoke are about 12 times more to die from lung cancer diseases.


The lack of exercise can lead to obesity that in turn can also lead to diabetes that can lead to heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, kidney diseases, and death. More & more Americans are now sitting behind computer screens or in front of the television and munch on the unhealthy snacks rather than doing any sort of exercise.

Exercise can as simple as walking or can be as challenging as kayaking. People can ride a bike, go swimming, join a health club, or can take up the Pilates or yoga. The calories are burned and muscle mass increases when people exercise.

Muscle burns more the calories than fat so when people have more muscles, they are automatically burning more calories, even when they are not actively exercising.


Americans have some of the worst eating habits in the world. According to new surveys by the Institute of the Food Technologists, less than a third of Americans are now cooking their dinners from scratch, and that there has been a 7 per cent reduction in the last two years

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