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Top 5 Don’ts After Hair Transplant

A hair transplant enables you to overcome baldness or increase hair in specific parts of your scalp. It has become one of the most sought cosmetic procedures helping many patients overcome baldness and lead a quality life. The Austin hair transplant specialist can help you manage different types of hair loss and guide you on the after-care treatment. This is because what you do after a hair transplant is crucial in determining the result. Your provider will instruct you on what to do and avoid. Generally, avoid the following if you get a hair transplant treatment.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools should be a no-go zone after a hair transplant, as chlorinated water is not good after surgery. You will have to wait about two weeks before getting into chlorinated water, even if swimming is your favorite sporting activity. However, you can still wade in the ocean but avoid actual swimming for at least ten days after your treatment. Also, it would help if you avoided saunas and steam rooms for about a month after a hair transplant procedure.

Direct Sunlight

You will need some protective headgears after your hair transplant surgery to prevent exposure to direct sunlight. You can wear loose head coverings like a hat every time you go outdoors for about three months. The first months after your hair transplant are crucial in helping the scalp heal, and any sunburn could destroy the treatment’s results. If you are spending the time at the beach or the pool, consider sitting under an umbrella. Remember to wear a bandanna, scarf, cotton cap, or any other covering when going outside.

Physical Activity

Hair transplant surgery involves the use of sedatives. Therefore, you might feel tired the following day after surgery, increasing your risks for injuries and complications when you attempt to participate in your favorite activities like sports with more head injury risks. Generally, you will be required to avoid physical activities for about six months after the operation to allow total recovery. Additionally, you might be required to skip sexual activity for about ten days after your hair transplant. Any increased blood pressure on your head increases the risk of bleeding. But light activities like climbing stairs and walking are suitable for your recovery.

Hair Care Products

You will have to skip your hair care regime for a while recovering after hair transplant treatment. You should avoid hair dye for at least four weeks and makeup and cosmetics for about seven days. But even if you have to use hair dye or cosmetics, you ought to be very gentle, mainly for the initial three months after surgery. Also, combing must be gentle, and you should avoid rubbing the comb on the transplanted area. Keep off haircuts for about two weeks and avoid using scar reduction creams unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Blood Thinners

If your treatment before the hair transplant procedure involves blood thinners like ibuprofen and aspirin, please discuss with your doctor in advance for advice. You will have to look for alternatives or skip the treatment for at least three days after your treatment. Also, you must avoid alcohol for about three days post-hair transplant treatment.

If you are planning on having a hair transplant, it is crucial to schedule a consultation appointment to understand what you can expect and what you should avoid. Reach out to the specialists at Pearce Plastic Surgery for more information.

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