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Top Seven Triggers of Migraines

Imagine waking up one fine morning only to notice some migraine pain. After taking your coffee, the pain reduces but then starts to surge after some time. You call your doctor to book an appointment, but the doctor is fully booked. If you are stuck securing a specialist, a board certified family nurse practitioner Falls Church, VA, can solve your problems. Food, activities, and drugs are common causes and triggers of migraine pain. This article elaborates on the top seven common triggers of migraine.

1. Genetic or Family History

Genetics is responsible for the increased possibility of migraine. For instance, if your parents had a migraine, there is a high chance you will suffer it at some point. Fathers’ and mothers’ sides can equally pass the chances of migraine. Family history is typically essential in migraine with aura or migraine following neurological disorders such as visual disturbances.

2. Stress

Typical daily stressors you deal with can cause stress which triggers migraines. Besides, constant thinking about when the next attack will occur increases stress, which can cause a migraine. Even though coping with stress can be complex, there are various mechanisms you utilize, including exercise and meditation. Most importantly, you should consult a medical specialist for relaxation therapy and biofeedback.

3. Hunger or Dehydration

Skipping a meal or dehydration triggers migraines, possibly because the blood glucose levels fall. Studies show a strong relationship between the onset of headaches and failure to drink sufficient water. However, if you still experience the condition despite consuming enough water and food, there may be other triggers. It is also essential to inform your physician if the complication persists.

4. Age

Migraine can begin at any age, although the primary attack mainly happens during adolescence. The peak period of migraine occurs from 30 years, but the attack severity decreases and becomes less frequent after the thirties. Moreover, girls usually experience migraine onset during their first monthly period, while women’s peak occurs when giving birth.

5. Alcohol and Caffeine

Most individuals notice their migraine symptoms surge after drinking alcohol or caffeine. Alternatively, others assert that their migraines decrease after consuming a cup of coffee. However, alcohol and caffeine increase the possibility of migraines more than stopping them. Therefore, if you experience warning symptoms of migraines whenever you drink alcohol, you should seek medication from your doctor immediately.

6. Insufficient Sleep or Jet Lag

Lack of enough sleep and excessive sleep triggers acute migraine attacks. Besides, jet lag and changing your daily work routine are associated with migraine onsets. You are more prone to anxiety and depression if you have chronic migraines and insomnia. Both anxiety and depression cause sleep disturbance. If your migraine worsens with sufficient sleep, you should contact your practitioner for extensive checkups.

7. Medication Overuse

Using medication excessively is one popular trigger of migraine. If you constantly depend on common painkillers and analgesics to relieve pain, your migraine can change from occasional to chronic migraines. In most cases, opioids and butalbital are common medications that people with migraine overuse. Moreover, Painkillers like Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs contribute to more headaches and pain.

Migraines can be overwhelming and devastating as they cause massive pain and the inability to carry out your daily activities. If you are tired of relying on painkillers to relieve pain, welcome to Integrated Neurology Services for comprehensive services. The institution comprises board-winning neurologists offering cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment of migraine and other conditions like Botox, epilepsy, concussion, and dizziness. Visit or book an online appointment at a nearby Alexandria, Reston, Falls Church, and Lorton, Virginia office.

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