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Uwatchfree – A Website To Download Indian Pirated Movies

Uwatchfree is a website that provides movie download or watching service in online. This site is one of a piracy website that uploads old and released Indian movies, TV series without content owners permission and allows users to download copyright videos for free. Uwatchfree has Hollywood movie collections too which are illegal contents too. Uwatchfree provides free download facilities to whom, who wants to download movies in online for free. In online, a lot of people search for movies, tv series, dramas for free, they visit these illegal sites like u watch free to download copyright materials. Thus, uwatch free website get a lot of visitors on their site, and according to daily visitors on their website they earn using pop up ads.

What are available on uwatchfree for download?

Uwatchfree has a large collection of old and new released movies and TV series. They publish Hindi movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies and Hollywood movies and also TV serials from different states of India. All contents are piracy material and are not legal at any point.

How people reach to uwatchfree website?

People who wants to download movies or tv series in online for free, they either search on google or they use uwatchfree app to get into this website. To download a movies from uwatchfree, they search like ex; uwatchfree hindi movies 2021. Thus they enter into uwatchfree website. By providing movies in high quality video format, uwatchfree website became huge popular to those people who wants to download videos for free.

Why these illegal website are not shutdown?

As, these piracy website leaked mainly Indian movies, Indian government block access to these website but people use VPN server to access these site. And admin of these website like uwatchfree regular redirect their website to new domain.

Indian government always trying to stop copyright, arrested a lot of peoples who are involved in this work. But, they failed to stop spreading piracy content in online. When a new film release in Cinema hall/Theatre, these piracy website admin got hall print videos less than 12 hours after release and they leaked these movies in online. For leaking Indian movies in online, it causes loss of more than 22,000 crore rupees a year.


To prevent and spreading piracy, government action is not enough, all citizens should say no to piracy. If people stop visiting these piracy website, these piracy website owners earning will stopped. This way, they will forced to shutdown their website. All conscious people should watch and download movies from legal sites like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime etc sites who provides legal contents in online.

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