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What Are the Early Warning Signs of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is surprisingly more widespread than most people think. Statistics estimate that about 50% of Americans above 30 years’ experience some type of gum disease. What’s more, these numbers keep increasing with age. Although its onset is slow, gum disease, when left unaddressed, impacts more than only your mouth. It has been associated with various life-threatening concerns across the body, including a compromised immune system. For this reason, the highly trained and experienced periodontists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists advise patients not to ignore the warning signs of this condition. Nevertheless, if your gum disease has already developed, you can explore the gum treatments in Campbell and discover one that works for you.

Here’s how to identify a gum issue:

Red Or Swollen Gums

Red or inflamed gums could indicate periodontal disease or gingivitis. Typically, if your gums are inflamed and even somewhat sore, it is most likely due to inflammation. The redness and swelling may still be in their early stages at this moment. However, if these concerns are accompanied by discomfort, it could indicate a more significant problem.

Bleeding Gums

Gum bleeding could be triggered by a lack of specific vitamins or leukemia. Nonetheless, it is one of the most common early indications of gum disease, culminating from plaque accumulation on teeth. Once plaque accumulates on the teeth, bacteria irritate the gums, prompting swelling. Frequent dental cleanings come in handy as they help eliminate such concerns.

Constant Bad Breath

Bad breath, commonly known as halitosis, is more than an annoyance and embarrassment. Gum disease can cause persistent foul breath, resulting from accumulated food particles within your mouth. As your condition progresses, these particles will likely lodge in your gums.

Receding Gums

When your gums recede, your teeth might appear longer than they were previously. Once your gum line begins to move away from your teeth, it is an indication that gum disease is advancing. Do not disregard it! See an expert to discover what procedure can help ovoid more gum loss.

Shifting or Loose Teeth

Losing your milk teeth at around six years old is normal. However, if your teeth are shifting or loose in your gums as an adult, it might point to gum disease. The primary indication that your teeth are shifting or loose is if you notice variations in your bite.  As a result, you may experience uneven tooth wear or slight jaw pain like other concerns, calling for a professional assessment to determine if you have a gum infection or another problem.

Tooth Sensitivity

Are you experiencing heightened teeth sensitivity whenever you drink cold or hot beverages, chew on ice, or subject them to chilly air? Although weak tooth enamel and exposed dental roots are known for causing dentin hypersensitivity, gum recession can sometimes also cause increased tooth sensitivity.

Gum disease can be hazardous to your oral health and general wellness as it is primarily unnoticed in the early stages. Thus, understanding the primary warning signs is beneficial as more people will know what red flags to look for. Immediately you notice any of the abovementioned warning signs, do not delay to visit a periodontist. At Ueno Center Dental Specialists, the expert team offer a full scope of gum treatments, ranging from deep cleanings, root planing and scaling to flap surgery and many more. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online.

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