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What You Should Have To Do To Get Six Pack Abs

These days almost everybody wants to have a great looking Six Pack and it’s a very encouraging sign as far as the general health of the society is concerned. There have been studies which indicate that people who have good bodies turn out to be more confident members of any society. Among teenagers the craze for six-pack abs stomach has grown all the more stronger. But they just want to have them overnight. Quite a lot of patience and diligence is required before you can boast of great 6 pack abs.

First of all you should concentrate on those exercises that exert force on almost every muscle of your abdomen and the surrounding area. Your exercises should be regular and should have sufficient time interval between them so that your abdominal muscles get time to relax and grow. The reaction time of muscles is a very important factor that is ignored by many a people.

Secondly, you should give special attention to your diet. Your diet has three main constituents viz. carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For building a six-pack stomach, your protein intake should be greater than both your fat as well as carbohydrate intake. To take an example, say you eat 1 kg of food. The protein content of it should be about 400 gm where as the fats and carbohydrates should be of 300 gm amount each.

Your intake of fruits and vegetables should increase considerably and you should completely avoid all kinds of junk food. Mind you, junk food though tasty for the tongue is not a healthy source of energy. Similarly, processed food should also be avoided because of various kinds of chemicals that are used to preserve food. In case you continue with such kind of foods and even double your exercise you are not going to get much success in your endeavor.

Now, to talk of specific exercises, you should always start with the push ups . First master these and then move on to more advanced exercise like the bench press. The moment your own weight is not daunting for you, it’s an indication that you are ready for heavier exercises.

People tend to go to a gym, grab a barbell, load it with heavy weights, get it placed on their shoulders and start doing squats. Such hard exercises can be extremely harmful if not done in the proper frequency and manner. They come at a later stage and must be done under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Another good and mild exercise for great abs is the ‘ball leg curls’. Do it while lying down on the floor so that your knees cover the ball and are bent at almost a 90 degree angle. Repeat the process many times. This exercise is extremely good for the lower abs and legs. Then there are the reverse crunches that are a favorite with most of the people.

Getting six pack stomach is not a quick task, it takes long enough time. Making hurry can be harmful. Patience and proper workout exercises under guidance of good trainer are the keys. So, good luck to you all and happy exercise.

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