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When Should Your Child See A Podiatrist?

During the first year, children’s feet develop fast, reaching about half the size of adult feet. According to foot specialists, this is why the first year is crucial in developing the feet. As a kid grows older, they will be able to express their worries and tell you if they are suffering pain or discomfort in their feet, but for little children, it is up to you to be aware of any irregularities that may be worrying. New or extended limping is another clue that something is amiss. If a growth plate is fractured or injured, the bone may grow incorrectly and cause issues later. Thus, it is critical to have fractures examined, diagnosed, and treated by your Scottsdale pediatric foot care doctor. Moreover, you should take your kid to the clinician if you observe any of the following signs:

  • They are not walking by 18 months.
  • After the age of seven, they have flat feet.
  • Has trouble standing or has a limited range of motion.
  • Any redness, swelling, or irritation in their feet or ankles.

What is pediatric foot care?

Pediatric foot care is the medical treatment of a child’s feet and ankles. Because their feet are still developing, infants, children, and teens might acquire foot and ankle issues unique to their age group.

Tips for ensuring good foot growth in children

Your child is priceless, and you must ensure that every aspect of them is healthy. With 26 bones, ligaments, muscles, blood arteries, and nerves, the human foot is one of the body’s most complex organs. It is vital for their general health to ensure that their feet are healthy and grow appropriately. Here are some suggestions to maintain their feet healthy:

  1.     Examine your baby’s feet frequently since their feet grow pretty quickly throughout their first year, so watch out for anything that does not appear to be normal. Contact a podiatrist if you see something unusual or want a consultation.
  2.     When should your infant wear shoes or booties? Shoes and booties are constrictive and can impair your baby’s toes and foot development if used incorrectly or too soon.
  3.     Proper assistance is essential. If your child walks or runs a lot, ensure they have walking or running shoes.
  4.     If your child participates in any activity, ensure they have appropriate footwear since the shoe is designed to support their feet and ankles depending on the motions they are expected to perform in that sport.

Keep an eye on your child’s walking habits as they get older. Feet that turn out or in when the kid walks might be entirely normal or indicate a problem. Foot discomfort or swelling without an explanation may indicate a dangerous ailment and should not be disregarded. Children’s feet develop rapidly, so it is critical to ensure they are constantly wearing shoes that fit appropriately. Visit your child’s trusted podiatrist immediately if you observe anything out of the norm.

For newborns and toddlers, good health extends from head to toe! You may offer your child the gift of good foot health that they will carry into adulthood by following a few simple measures. Call Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists to schedule your appointment today to learn more about pediatric foot care.

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